Saturday, February 28, 2015

Impact of Saturn Sadhesati for Narender Modi & Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)

After Delhi Assembly Election results Bhartiya Janta Party has entered in a tougher Vimshottary Antardasha of Saturn under the Sun. I have already written about the sadhesati and Saturn Dasha of Narendra Modi. See the coincidence, both the BJP and Narendra modi are natives of the Scorpio zodiac sign or Rashi. So both have debilitated Moon (of neech rashi candrama). I have discussed that sadhesati gives a worst experience to the natives once the Saturn or Moon Dasha Antardasha is in operation. I have already predicted about Narendra Miodi in the blog post of 19th November 2014 and the same is being written below.
“From March 2015 Shri Modi will be in Moon–Moon is associated with Lagna and Sixth lord Mars which is not good at all. Saturn Dasha phase. Saturn is placed with Venus and aspected by Jupiter. These three planets are lords of second third, fourth and fifth. Here seems some kind of injury to body or some kind of physical harm to him and sadhesati will boost this because as per principles third Sadhesati gives injury, ill health or any other kind of loss to body. Now we should also analyze the good results also. The Moon is the Bhagya Ninth Lord, placed in Lagan with Lagna lord Mars, which indicates he will rise and will be recognized. Saturn is in the tenth house with Venus and both are atmakaraka and amatyakaraka. So, individually certainly he will not be in a good phase from 5th march to April 2016 whereas in the same period he will prove himself and as I predicted in my earlier blog post because of him good days are about to come in the same time phase- –achche din aane wale hain.”
And something same has been given in the New Year prediction for and in a Hindi daily. But this year I avoided to write about both the National Political Parties (Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party). But I had to write about the sadhesati and Saturn antardasha.
One thing more is that the Moon of BJP is in the Sixth House of feud and fights and is debilitate as well. So in the upcoming days of year 2015 the inner fighting in the party will come to surface.

At last Shri Narendra Modi will not be in a good phase from March 2015 and BJP has already entered in the bad Saturn antardasha phase from earlier hours of 23rd February 2015. This Saturn will give bad results for BJP especially from May 2015 when Amit Shah will also enter in a bad phase. Concluding this I can say that year 2015 will not be smoother for Narender Modi and Bhartiya Janta Party as many hurdles are seen in the way.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Narendra Modi – Impact of Sadhesati

Sadhesati brings a change in life for sure. If during Sadhesati favourable dashas are in operation then sadhesati gives good results. Sadhesati can supplement whatever has been dictated by dasha.durng sadhesati some thing happens with the house related to moon and Saturn. If dasha antardasha of Saturn or moon is in operation then this is a sensitive phase. During sadhesati harm to parents are possible even death is possible. A retrograde Saturn is less harmful.Sadhesati is most dangerous word in Sadhesati following Kalsarp yoga and mangalik doshsa. Impacts of Sadhesati cannot be denied at all. But this is also true that Sadhesati is does not harm always. This is even beneficial for one. Sadhesati gives any bad news or due to sadhesati some unpleasant incidents take place generally.Rarely sadhesati passes away without any good or bad incidents. First two and half years are adverse for parents. Saturn creates problems related to its lordship during sadhesati.if bad dasha is in operation then sadhesati will harm you. Strength of the horoscope is supreme. Sadhesati cannot alter or deny the promise of horoscope.

Narendra Modi entered in Sadhesati phase

Narendra Modi is in his third Sadhesati .his first sadhesati was not good at all. He ran a tea stall and wondered here and there. His initial life passed in extreme poverty. In second sadhesati he struggled and worked for RSS. This was the vinshottary phase of an afflicted despite much work hard he could not achieve any status and remained a simple the transition dasha of venus and sun he became chief minister of Gujrat.
First Sadhesati of Narendra Modi– 1955 – generally considered bad in all terms
Second Sadhesati of Narendra Modi– 1984 – problems to father or death of father
Third sadhesati of Narendra Modi-2014 – being injured or being ill.
Narendra Modi became Prime minister in vinshottary dasha phase of Moon – Jupiter vinshottary phase.Aries-Pisc  jaimini chara dasha was in operation. The atmakarak and amtyakaraka Venus and Saturn is placed in the fifth house from Aies.

From March 2015 Shri Modi will be in Moon –moon is associated with Lagna and sixth lord mars which is not good at all. Saturn dasha phase. Saturn is placed with venus and aspected by Jupiter. These three planets are lords of second third fourth and fifth. Here seems some kind of injury to body or any kind of physical harm to him.and sadhesati will boost this because as per principles third Sadhesati gives injury ill health or any other kind of loss to we should also analyze the good results also. Moon is the bhagya ninth lord placed in lagn with lagna lord mars which indicates he will rise and will be recognized. Saturn is in the tenth house with venus and both are atmakaraka and amatyakaraka. so individually certainly he will not be in a good phase from 5th march to april 2016 whereas in the same period he will prove himself and as i predicted in earlier blog post because of him good days are about to come in the same time phase –achche din aane wale hain.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Vasundhara Raje – Difficult and challenging time ahead

In astrology there is a principle of dasha transition called as dasha dasha chhidra or dasha sankraman.Vasundhara Raje Scindia has entered in that sensitive dasha transition phase. A dasha transition is the phase when one dasha, astrological time phase is about to end and other is about to start.
There are three types of horoscope of Vasundhara Raje circulating in astrologer’s circle. First is of simha lagna and other two are of Karka lagna having two birth times. After working on all three I rejected the simha lagna and again worked on other two of karka lagna. After applying all the principles of horoscope rectification both were following all the parameters. Since a person cannot be born on two different birth time i worked on one of both which i found correct as per my research of rectification.
I considered three events as her date of marriage her separation from her spouse and birth of his son Dushyant Singh.Vasundhara Raje married Hemant Singh, of ex –royal Dholpur family, on 17 november 1972.the vinshottary dasha phase was ven-ven-moon. Venus is a basic planet for marriage is aspected by retrograde Saturn .moon is the lagna lord. She was separated from her husband after one year of marriage in the phase of ven –ven -jup. Venus is the eleventh lord; eleventh house is houses of separation and i have found eleventh and sixth house very potent for separation or divorce. There was no marital happiness in the life of Vasundhara Raje. The seventh house is in the axis of Rahu Ketu. The seventh lord is retrograde Saturn which even aspects the seventh house.jupiter the sixth lord and venues the eleventh lord aspects directly the seventh lord Saturn. In the Navamsa D10 retrograde Saturn influence the seventh house where seventh house is placed and directly aspected by mars of meen rashi .his son was born on 11 september 1973 in the dasha of Venus- Venus -Jupiter. Venus is placed with the ninth house, one of the house of child birth, Jupiter itself is the ninth lord .in navamsa Venus aspects the ninth house. In the Saptamsa D7 ninth lord aspects fifth lord and ninth house.
I already mentioned she has entered the transition phase. Vasundhara Raje , chief minister of Rajasthan is in the mars mahadasha now which shall last till December 2014.this means one dasha phase is about to complete and the other one is about to start from last days of  year 2014.She had entered in the first dasha sankraman , dasha chidra from January 2014 till may she is running in the second and last sankraman phase till December 2014.
From May 2014 she has entered in the second and last dasha chhidra or dasha sankraman phase which shall last till December 2014.even the phase till December also will be not good.

From December last she shall enter in the Rahu dasha phase which is not too good in her horoscope. Rahu is in the rashi of Saturn and the dispositor of Rahu is also the Saturn which is retrograde and placed in the fourth house, house of throne aspected by sixth lord Jupiter and mars. In navamsa , dashamsa too Rahu is not in any rajyoga. So her next time is going to be tough. She will face very hurdles. Since Saturn is the eighth lord, the eighth house is house of intrigues and conspiracy .i doesn’t think she is going to complete her current term.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Passion of Love flowed to disaster - For the Parents of Young and Adolescents Children

Attraction and lust is like a drug. It leaves you just wanting more”.

This article is for those parents who are bothered for their children who are spoiling their education and career in love affairs and may commit crime, suicides and finally trapped in the scandals.
-Be careful whenever they are in the dashas of Mercury –Moon OR Moon-Mercury
- Planets responsible for love and passion are Mercury, Moon, Venus and Mars and houses are 5th and 7th.for infatuation, scandals, suicides 8the house and for loss of balance of mind 12th house and mercury should be seen.
-Combinations like Venus-mars conjunction, Venus in the seventh house or a debilitated Venus may give extraordinary sex drive. Here mars are the provoker (Ask your child to chant Hanuman Chalisa in the morning which will make him/her disciplined also).
-To predict the periods of infatuation and its intensity dasha of mars, rahu, mercury, Venus and moon when related with 5th 7th 8th and 12th can give an infatuation that leads to disaster. Mars is the fire and Rahu is the force which while driving one to worldly pleasures gives unorthodoxy.
 - Most important among the four planets is the eighth one which is observed for the marital life, widowhood, sins scandals, sexual organ, secret affairs, porn. Venus combined with 7th or 8th house or with mars or Rahu will intensify sexual desire and attraction towards the opposite sex. Venus is found giving strong attraction towards the opposite sex when it is in the signs of mars or id debilitated.
See the horoscopes and be careful if horoscope of your child comes in the above parameters .visit an astrologer for his counselling. Ask him for worshiping Lord Hanuman and Ganesha. If possible ask him to chant special mantra of Lord Hanuman.
Next post will be regarding the same issues with example and case studies.

(I could not post one of my posts in this blog on BJP which is available in my website –

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bad planetary transits from 13th july 14 will give worse results

Saturn and Rahu are transiting over thula rashi from many months. Today on 21:07 Rahu will move to kanya and pin with mars for merely 12 hours. So there will be a combination of rahu and mars in kanya for few hours. Tomorrow at 09:00 am mars will leave kanya and join Saturn. Mars, Rahu and retrograde Saturn during transits give there impacts just after entering the rashis means from zero degree. Saturn is retrograde now and now we’ll be in impacts of mars and retrograde Saturn combination from tomorrow 09:00.even from today 21:07 time is too adverse. India is running in Sun –Ketu –Rahu –moon. Time is not good for the country and few individuals. The individuals should apply these transits according to their lagna. For India there will be many problems from foreign and neighbouring countries. Mars and Saturn are considered very bad planetary combination because mars signify blood, soldier, terrorist acts, agitation police, war and volatile religious acts. From today 21:00 time is not good at all.
For detailed analysis one should read my predictions of 25th may in which i have described in detail and many incidents came true.
Sat +Rahu combination till 21:07 – 13th July 2014
Rahu +mars - from 21:07 – 13rth july 2014 (this combination merely for twelve hours)
From 09:00 of 14th mars +Saturn (R) – this combination will continue for few weeks and will give worst impacts.