Sunday, August 31, 2014

Passion of Love flowed to disaster - For the Parents of Young and Adolescents Children

Attraction and lust is like a drug. It leaves you just wanting more”.

This article is for those parents who are bothered for their children who are spoiling their education and career in love affairs and may commit crime, suicides and finally trapped in the scandals.
-Be careful whenever they are in the dashas of Mercury –Moon OR Moon-Mercury
- Planets responsible for love and passion are Mercury, Moon, Venus and Mars and houses are 5th and 7th.for infatuation, scandals, suicides 8the house and for loss of balance of mind 12th house and mercury should be seen.
-Combinations like Venus-mars conjunction, Venus in the seventh house or a debilitated Venus may give extraordinary sex drive. Here mars are the provoker (Ask your child to chant Hanuman Chalisa in the morning which will make him/her disciplined also).
-To predict the periods of infatuation and its intensity dasha of mars, rahu, mercury, Venus and moon when related with 5th 7th 8th and 12th can give an infatuation that leads to disaster. Mars is the fire and Rahu is the force which while driving one to worldly pleasures gives unorthodoxy.
 - Most important among the four planets is the eighth one which is observed for the marital life, widowhood, sins scandals, sexual organ, secret affairs, porn. Venus combined with 7th or 8th house or with mars or Rahu will intensify sexual desire and attraction towards the opposite sex. Venus is found giving strong attraction towards the opposite sex when it is in the signs of mars or id debilitated.
See the horoscopes and be careful if horoscope of your child comes in the above parameters .visit an astrologer for his counselling. Ask him for worshiping Lord Hanuman and Ganesha. If possible ask him to chant special mantra of Lord Hanuman.
Next post will be regarding the same issues with example and case studies.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bad planetary transits from 13th july 14 will give worse results

Saturn and Rahu are transiting over thula rashi from many months. Today on 21:07 Rahu will move to kanya and pin with mars for merely 12 hours. So there will be a combination of rahu and mars in kanya for few hours. Tomorrow at 09:00 am mars will leave kanya and join Saturn. Mars, Rahu and retrograde Saturn during transits give there impacts just after entering the rashis means from zero degree. Saturn is retrograde now and now we’ll be in impacts of mars and retrograde Saturn combination from tomorrow 09:00.even from today 21:07 time is too adverse. India is running in Sun –Ketu –Rahu –moon. Time is not good for the country and few individuals. The individuals should apply these transits according to their lagna. For India there will be many problems from foreign and neighbouring countries. Mars and Saturn are considered very bad planetary combination because mars signify blood, soldier, terrorist acts, agitation police, war and volatile religious acts. From today 21:00 time is not good at all.
For detailed analysis one should read my predictions of 25th may in which i have described in detail and many incidents came true.
Sat +Rahu combination till 21:07 – 13th July 2014
Rahu +mars - from 21:07 – 13rth july 2014 (this combination merely for twelve hours)
From 09:00 of 14th mars +Saturn (R) – this combination will continue for few weeks and will give worst impacts.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Man Woman relations new series part 2 – Divorce of a lady Lecturer

She is a well educated woman currently working as a lecturer. She got married on October 2002.the vinshottary dasha was mercury – Venus. Here both the planets have no relation with the lagna and seventh house. Many astrologers analyze merely lagna and the seventh house to predict the marriage. They must consider the fifth and eleventh houses also while using vinshottary dasha. She was in the mahadasha of mercury placed in the eleventh house and the antardasha was of venus the eleventh lord. Remember the eleventh house indicates separation of spouse also.
Since her tenth house lord is placed in the tenth house chatursheeti sama dasha is applicable to her horoscope. This is seen that in chatursheeti sama dasha fourth house and seventh house of the lagna and fifth/eleventh and seventh house of navamsa is important for the solemnization of the marriage. She was in the CSD of Sun –Saturn.Sun is in the eleventh house aspecting the fifth house and Saturn is the seventh lord. Fourth lord venus is in the tenth house with the fifth lord indicating a love marriage. Fourth house must be considered for marriages in the case of women. dasha of second house must be considered once another conditional dasha Dwisaptapti sama dasha is applied.
Birth of a child
She gave birth to a child in july 2005.the vinshottary dasha was of mercury - sun. And CSD was moon – mars both in the first seventh axis of D7 saptamsa chart. The transits were also favourable.
Separation and divorce
She was separated from her husband just after the birth of her child in the august month. Again the vinshottary  dasha was Mercury –Sun. Now this is the important part of our discussion. In my view fifth eleventh house is most sensitive axis. Ironically fifth house is the house of emotions and eleventh house is the house of separation. See how she had her marital life. Her seventh lord Saturn is in second house in Rahu Ketu axis. venus is badly afflicted by Rahu placed the tenth house with mars. Finally in the Jupiter antardasha of the sixth lord Jupiter in 2011 the couple got divorced. Sixth lord aspecting the seventh house simply means divorce because seventh and eleventh lords are in the navamsa seventh lord moon is aspected by eleventh lord mars which is debilitated and placed in the seventh house. Saturn in the navamsa also aspects the lagna and the seventh lord.
Chances of second marriage –
Seventh lord in the second house with rahu and eleventh lord with mars indicate her second marriage .she will get married after September 2017.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Man Woman Relationship next Series Part 1 -Delayed marriage of girls – Case study 1

I had started a series of man woman relationship in 2009 and this series was discontinued due to many reasons. Now i am going to start this again will take separate cases and describe this and this will be good for learners also. But i warn that no couple should come to any conclusion by apply these classical principles. Little knowledge may be dangerous and this may destroy the marital bliss. In these case studies i am not going to reveal identity of any male or female.
In modern India if any two social institutions are in danger that is family and marriage. The institution of family in India has experienced a plethora of changes in the contemporary times. The family in present day society, despite India’s age old pluralistic and Unitarian ethos is experiencing rapid but undesirable changes in many spheres of social life, where such a first institution of recorded human history has encountered a range of issues and challenges, like power relation among spouses, unusual marriage patterns, rising migration tendencies alienating elderly stock, unprecedented changes in transport and communication area leading to frequent displacement of people and other modern technological impacts and aspects that have turned man virtually into a mechanized being who has lost all his time, sprit, attachment to or respect for kins, elders, extended family members, grandparents and others.
The social mobility is witnessed highly due to the processes of changing occupational patterns, further sanskritization, westernization, modernization, Ashrafization or for that matter Sayyadization like processes have given impoverished the natural beauty of the family ,instead made it a competing agency in the society. Also it has laid severe impact upon the lives of men and women in varying ways and in turn the form and practices of family life
 Family is still safe up to much extant. Now a day number of nuclear families are increasing but through means they are still connected to their joint families their roots. But the natis and potas (grandson/daughters and maternal grandson/daughters) are not connected to their grandparents. they are much more attached to i pads smart phones video games etc. but these medium of communications have connected them to their grandparents. In totality i can say family institution is still safe.
 But what about the marriage institution  in contemporary India?
 With the declining normative structure of the society, various social pathologies have come to fore. The institution of family is deteriorating and with the result divorce, single parent families, no marriages, late marriages, etc, like social realities are emerging. Besides Increase in divorce rates is directly proportional to the increased social acceptance of the divorces in the current dystopian society and vice versa. strained relations or endurance of unhappy marriages have lost significance due to decreasing informal social control, declining religiosity and emergence of a liberal response of the institution of religion towards the issue. Moreover, job stress, incompatibility among couples, distance and work place, failed love marriages, infidelity or extramarital affairs, etc, and above all increased legal aid has facilitated the further social acceptance of divorce. On the reasons for high divorce rates and more importantly the growing social acceptance for divorces, Advocate Sabiha Sindhi, a famous Indian civil lawyer, argues,
Delayed marriages of Girls –
Using data from the India Human Development Survey 2005 a nationally representative sample of 27,365 ever-married women aged 25–49, we empirically examine the relevance of these theoretical constructs in shaping the variations in age at marriage.
A modern woman focussing on career generally forgets to marry though she has had physical relationships have different data of delayed marriages. First of all i discuss here a case of a working woman on a prestigious post .she is 37 now but she is worried about her marriage since seven years but there are very few proposals mostly rejected by men. In future I am going to provide case studies of more delayed marriages, denial of marriages. Spinsters, single women, immorality in women, love, passion in love, suicide in love, married women in multiple relations etc.
Combinations of delayed marriages -
There are many planetary combinations given in our classics i am giving here few which i experienced much.
1. Debilitated seventh lord.
2. Moon, venus conjunction or opposition.
3. Aspect of Saturn on venus.
4. Retograde venus.
5. Venus in “durdhara”,venus in unfertile rashis  mithun, simha, kanya. I have found this situation too effective for delayed marriages.
6. Lagna stronger than seventh house and seventh house in pap-kartari
7. Sun afflicting the seventh house or leo sign
8. Lagna in last 05 or first 05 degrees.
9. Afflicted Venus in Navamsa
10. Malefic influence on 7th,7th lord from lagna moon and venus.
11. Malefic influence on 2nd house,8th house,and 12th house from lagna.
12. Retrograde planets in 7th and 2nd house.
13. Mercury, Saturn and venus is considerd adverse.
14. Saturn Jupiter conjunction or aspect also responsible for delays.
15. Planets in the influence of mars/venus in navamsa cause delayed marriages.
16. Affliction to darakarak or darakaraka navamsa
17. 7th house or 7th lord’s association with mandi.
18. Placement of gyatikaraka in the seventh house.
19.7th lord in gadant and mrityu bhaga
20. Debiltated and retrograde venus , Jupiter and seventh lord.
The Girl still unmarried - The astrological interpretation
This girl belongs to a conservative family. She left the village and shifted to a metropolitan city of India. She easily got a prestigious job. During his school days she was in love with a boy. Both almost forgot each other and she became busy in her career. In between on the workplace she stated making relationships with the men. See her ninth and fourth house the house of chastity. Both house badly afflicted in lagna navamsa and in trishamsa as well. See the mars in the rashi of venus in lagna , mutual aspect of Saturn and mars and worst both in dual rashis. Forth and tenth is in the Rahu Ketu axis in trishamsa. In the trishamsa seventh lord mars with Saturn is in rashi of mars.
Application of above principles of delayed marriage-
Lgna lord especially when this is Jupiter with venus makes a person colourful as i have generally noticed.See the seventh lord mercury and gulika. Venus is in Kendra with Jupiter. venus is in a worst pap kartari yoga.jupiter and even the seventh house is in a worst pap kartari yoga. This is probably the most unfavourable combination for the marriage. See the sun is in leo sign or rashi.lagna is placed in the last 5 degrees. venus is afflicted in the navamsa by ketu and Saturn. Now applying next principles we find that seventh lord mercury is aspected by mars. From moon the seventh house is in the Rahu Ketu axis. From venus the seventh house is aspected by the mars. See the worst malefic effects on second, eighth and twelfth. Mercury and venus are also afflicted. Mars and venus both are aspected by Saturn in the navamsa.darakaraka sun is aspected by the mars. Seventh lord is associated with the gulika. Gyatikaraka is in the seventh house of the lagna.
Most of the classical principles of delayed marriage are applied on this horoscope. There are few chances of a marriage with many compromises.
The series to be continued...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

India Shining from mid 2015 – “Achche Din Aane Wale hain”

Narendra Modi is going to sworn in as Prime minister of India on 26th may. There are too many expectations from the new government. We Indians want the instant result. And most of my readers are frequently asking about the performance of the government which has still not taken charge from the previous one. In my previous blog post i wrote that coming four moths may be challenging and many one got disappointed. And they started asking me why i am disappointing them told them that i shall write what i analyse from the chart of the country  am providing my analysis about the country now. And here i am discussing only about “achche din”.
India till September 2014
By Indian independence chart India this is seen that till September there are few troublesome periods and little good news for country as about the steps will be taken regarding the black money. The details can be viewed in my previous post.
India from September 2014 till September 2015
From 9th September 2014 till 10th September 2015 nation will be running in there Sun – Venus vinshottary dasha phase. Though Venus is combust bit this is placed in the third house with four more planets forming many rajyogas. From june 2014 exalted Jupiter will be transiting over these five planets. This will be auspicious and the nation will progress. But some bad effects are also seen because of bad afflictions of ketu and Saturn. This will be good time for the economy and development of the country.
India Shining from 2015
India will be running in the vinshottary dasha of third lord moon since September jaimini from august 2015 the country will be running in the meena rashi mahadasha .this will be a time of rise for the country. Till then all the planets will be in favourable transits which are very adverse now.
From republic day horoscope from January 2015 India will be running in the meena rashi jaimini dasha phase. And from February 2016 country will be running in the Jupiter – mercury vinshottary dasha. Her Jupiter being lagna lord is placed in the eleventh house with venus and sun which shows a new kind of governance. Many research and developments are seen after 2016.mercury being fourth and seventh lord is well placed in the tenth house.
Good years for economy
See the lagna lord of republic day horoscope, the constellation of Jupiter is of moon and sub constellation is mercury the fourth and seventh lord. Jupiter dasha is running since 2011.moon being fifth lord is placed in the second house of investments, gross national product and gross national product, financial health of the country. This also signifies the financial transactions, stock market banks; capacity of nation to raise funds export and imports. So Indian economy will be on boom after February 2016.and the manufacturing sector will be on priority. There seems much focus on investments since 2016.i am going to write a detailed prediction on health of economy keeping the current situation in mind. So from year 2015 and 2016 the nation will start rising. “achche din aane hi wale hain”.
After four years gap i am once again going to start the series – Man Woman Relationship.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

India in Ketu Phase – Abnormal unexpected and sensitive phase till mid September

Ketu is most tough planet for astrologer community to predict because Ketu is mysterious planet and it does not let what exactly is going happen.i have worked on the planet Ketu much. This is called kunjwat means like mars. Rahu is like Saturn and Ketu is like mars.Ketu is karaka of “secret plots” so many things happen which was never expected. Many incidents take place which were never expected in Ketu phases.
India till mid September –
In Indian independence chart India is running in the Sun – Ketu dasha phase since 5th may 2014 and this shall continue till 9th September Indian horoscope the lord of the rashi where ketu is place is mars. This mars is placed in the second house and gulika is there. Second house is related to the financial health of the country. This also signifies the financial transactions, stock market banks, capacity of nation to raise funds export and imports. This mars is seventh and twelfth lord. Twelfth house means losses, war, espionages by enemy scandals, epidemics, foreign investments .Seventh house signifies battle, international affairs, international disputes, relation with other countries.
A planet gives all his impact well and bad. This ketu will also do the same. ketu gives sudden success and failures. But this also signifies destructions and wars and epidemics and most importantly espionages. So incidents related to finance, foreign and security will be in headlines. Transit of Rahu and mars in july and august will give adverse effect. Even in the divisional charts there is not so improvement.
So some good and bad things are going to happen till 9th September related to
1.       Some sensational expose regarding black money is expected. There will happen something important to black money. This issues and the money in Swiss and other foreign bank will be in news. Politicians of various political parties seem trapped in this issue. See the connection of ketu and his dispositor mars with lagna, seventh, eleventh, second, eighth.
2.       Some issues related to international borders, border dispute, spying or espionages will be in headlines.
3.       Anything inauspicious may happen so security of important politicians must be on priority, I can not elaborate this.
4.       From june 2014 financial condition of the nation will improve but some steps taken by the next government will be criticised. Something very good will be experienced in the digital world.
5.       Any kind of epidemic may create problems and a natural disaster is also seen if we consider the recent eclipses.
6.       Any international dispute should be avoided because ketu and mars both will provoke.
7.       In the four months for few days stock market will fluctuate badly.
8.       Some issues with alliances of BJP will be in news.
9.       The security of places of worships must be on high alerts because ketu signifies the places of worships.
Some more unexpected and