Saturday, January 24, 2009

25th jan to 08th march sensitive dates for india-Astrological view.

General elections in india could be declared any time in the march,first fortnight,or even in february last.bjp is in trouble now a days.but as i have indicated in my earlier column's,and in dainik jagran also that bjp is going to achieve success in this election,despite some strife and feuds,since 29th her problems may be minimise because mars,ll change it,s position at 28th2009.but congress,ll face problems since 29th because mars,ll aspect the debilitated natal mars.
another danger for India is the probability of a WAR with neighbouring country,or an EARTHQUAKE in this region.i have already predicted this in dainik jagran-29th dec2009.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another jolt to BJP-an astrological view.

Yesterday 76yr old bjp leader kalyan singh left the bjp.but it would not effect bjp. as i had predicted in my article published in ''dainik jagran'' hindi daily varanasi edition dated 29th dec 2009, that there would be infighting's in bjp.this all may continue till 29th jan.because after 28th jan mars will move in capricorn then this,ll be the congress which will face the problems of infighting's,feuds.and after 03ed march congress will face serious setbacks on the organisational will have tough i have already written in my articles that mishaps with senior leaders may take place.bjp has not so bad time in future as it seems today after few happenings such as defeat in delhi and rajasthan,differences between advani and rajnath,bhairon singh episode,and kalyan episode aswell.after 29th bjp will be performing well,but it,s opponents,ll be in problem,mainly thing more,who will be the next p,m. is the big question, for these i am in search of exact birth details of some probable candidates.i don,t use incorrect birth dates as mostly do except sri. k.n. rao. i have got birth date of shekhawat but to get the exact time i am collecting details about him so that i can get the exact time astrologically.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Shekawat also in race as i see astrologically.

BJP seems in trouble.I had predicted about the inner fightings in bjp in my article published in 'dainik jagran'' varanasi editionon 29th dec on the eve of new year.since 04or05th jan the 86yr old leader bhairon singh shekhawat also came in to fray for prime ministerial candidate.yesterday kalyan singh met mulayam singh,as news in air he may soon join bjp,or the party itself can take disciplinary action against him.means what i had predicted came true .i have pasted that article in my photos. next time i am going to explain this astrologically whether bhairon singh may be p.m of india?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My 2 new articles on the new year published in 'dainik jagran'on 22th dec and 29th dec is stored in my album.I am an astrologer,by my hobby.i have been writing for hindi daily'dainik jagran'i have yet to fill my album in which my predictions for jagran is stored.i have specialization in predicting the timing of marriage and exact timing of child birth, career building, love affairs. many of my predictions regararding politicians came about adwani chandrashekhar,mulayam singh yadav, salman khan, sanjay dutt, aishwarya rai article on''USA PRESIDENT ELECT-BARAK OBAMA.''{published in dainik jagran on 17th nov 2008.allahabad,varanasi editions my article about SALMAN KHAN I HAD PREDICTED HIS MARRIAGE WILL BE SOLEMNISED BETWEEN MAY 2008 TO OCT 2009 in a previous article which is available in my album{although in headline it is written for 2008}.

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