Monday, February 23, 2009

Strong venus gave Oscar to GULZR and A.R.RAHMAN-jai ho...

As i had written in my earlier post that this time Venus is exalted and it is best for Indian see this Oscar to India astrologically. India is running under dasha of Venus which will end in September 09.the antardash is of ketu.but the main thing is to be seen is the transit of Venus in the eleventh house of the horoscope of Indian independence. if we use horoscope of Indian republic then it is meena lagna means Venus is in the lagna.means the mahadasha lord is in eleventh house in transit,in the independence day horoscope,and in the lagna of republic horoscope .
Despite all odds on political and home front,price rise,recessions this ''Venus'' will provide a great place for Indian cinema which it deserves .despite all the nonsense comments about Oscar by heroes, not actors like Amitabh bachchan, Gulzar saab andA.R.Rahman brought Oscar for India .this is the golden day of Indian cinema and arts.jai ho.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saadhesaati exists But Kaal sarpa yoga does,nt at all

Now a days most professional astrologers are making money through frightening their clients,by some yogas in their horoscopes,as MANGALIK DOSHA,SAADHESATI, AND THE MOST SO CALLED DANGEROUS ''KAAL SARPA YOGA''.up to some extent saadhesati ex,and manglik dosha occurs,as our classics suggests.but not in that way as it is being explained now a days.saadhesaati brings change in life that may be good,bad,worse or worst all these depends upon the dashas in which the person is running.some times the whole period passes away and nothing new takes place.some times it gives both kind of good and bad results simultaneously.for example pt Nehru became prime minister in his 3rd saadhesaati.he achieved this because of his fourth house dasha and because the dasha was favourable Saadhesaati could not stop him to be p.m.second example is of his daughter INDIRA GANDHI,she became prime minister in her saadhesaati but before this she became the mister of broadcasting, but at the same time she lost her father jawahar lal nehru.SO IT GAVE MIXED RESPONSE to indira gandhi.nice example is of MORARJI DESAII ,he saw three saadhesaatis in his life in first one he became an officer in second one he became a cabinet minister,and in the third one he became prime minister but in the same saadhesaati he had to quit the office.SANJAI GANDHI became elected for the parliament in his saadhesaati but in the same period he lost his life.The latest example is of DR.MURLI MANOHAR JOSHI,who is running under saadhesaati and the adverse dasha aswell,the leaders having lower status than him is going to the top and his stars seems fading but when his saadhesaati will over he will perform better,but unlike the classics new researches suggests that the saadhesaati of any person does not starts just after the saturn changes it,s raashi,but it depends upon the the degrees of the natal moon.
Researches suggests that the second sadhesati may be proved fatal for the SAADHESAATI PERIOD CERTAINLY THERE WILL COME A CHANGE IN THE LIFE OF THE PERSON.
Maangalik dosha is found in 60% has been too much emphasised.except mangalik dosha and ''guna milaan'' many other factors should be watched carefully.merely on the basis of mangalik dosha we must not fix or solemnise or discard the marriages.
''KAALSARPA YOGA'' IS NO SUCH YOGA .IT HAS NO ancient standard text has mentioned KAALSARPA YOGA''.but when it will come in to knowledge of public that they should not be frightened of these yogas the''fake astrologers would lose their real source of income.some greatest persons have kaalsarpa yoga in their kundlis but they performed best for example-pt NEHRU,GREAT MOGHUL KING AKBAR,MANY IAS OFFICERS,ARIEL SHARON,K.P.S.GILL,MARGARET THATCHER,BHAGWATI CHARAN VARMA,etc. so we should be rational and should belief the real vadic jyotish.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Varun Gandhi:stars are in favour to be a great politician

Varun gandhi,the son of late sanjay gandhi,is a sauve and coy type guy. and not only apolitician,but despite all these qualities he has much more abilities,as he is a good orator and writer also.his book of poems ''the otherness of self'' was best seller.all this is indicated in his HOROSCOPE.In my today,s article published in ''dainik jagran'' i have predicted that he is going to perform his best in forthcoming general elections.he will not only win his first election from PILIBHIT,and it will be good debut for him to enter in mainstream politics.but he has also to bear the very important responsibilities of the BJP.there is clear indications that after 07Th may 2010 when his ''brihaspati'' mahadasha will run, the Jupiter mahadasha will be ''rajyogkaari'' for him.he will come in to the eyes of senior leaders since 1st of may this loksabha election Varun will be utilised by the BJP.after april 2010 he will be married.whatever the Astrology indicates he has a great future,and in very few years he will be in the frontliners of BJP.some times he is compared with Atalbihari vajpayee.stars say that this comparison is going to be correct..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

L.k.Advani,Dr.m.m joshi-same commitment but different future

Although planets are not in in the favour of Advaniji,and according to my my calculations Advani is not going to be p.m of India,but he is famous too much today and he is called as prime ministerial candidate of NDA,and also PM in waiting.even in other countries too he is reaching up to the Indians by using the latest add facilities. it is the SATURN which is his 3rd and 4Th lord of his horoscope,which is giving him the courage and fame but that very saturn is not going to provide him the post of prime minister because he has crossed period of his ''RAJYOGA''.
Wherein a competent leader sri MURLI MANOHAR JOSHI is in dark,his best period is yet to come bot right now his career is being ruined by ''SAADHESATI''.

Astrologers using incorrect birth details of Atal bihari vajpayee

Many of the renowned astrologers use incorrect birth date of Atalji,and in spite of this irony they are giving correct it is yet to be ascertained.his ''lagna'' is vrishchika,but most astrologers use thula lagna.for what they are doing all this i don,t know.
How these astrologers are doing their job can be understood by a single example.An astrologer who is writing astrology for a prestigious Hindi daily since many years on his Sunday column used birth details of the actress MALLIKA SHERAWAT birth detail as 24-April-1981 Kanya lagna in his article which was publihed on26 NOVEMBER 2006.At 08Th February the same astrologer used her birth detail as 24-Oct-1976 thula what could be said.only because of these fake and publicity hungry astrologers the scientists criticise and they don,t regard astrology's, entity,although they also consult astrologers.only few astrologers are doing their job very well,the best performance done by SRI. K.N.RAO and his associates. so merely to get fame we astrologers must not be indulged in such malpractices.
On the basis of correct birth details i had predicted the time of recovery of ATALJ BIHARI VAJPAYEE.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Amiabh Bachchan:2009 is the Fatal period due to ill health or accident

Amitabh Bachchan is the star now a days.everyone hear carefully what he says,although before 10 years this is the same Amitabh, whome no one was concerned about.he was in great agony due to financial setbacks.he was almost about to declare himself as a bankrupt.this was the STARS who were not in his favour.
Now this is the same Amitabh Bachchan who is shining.stars seems totally in his favour,but since June2009 to october 2009 it is the worst phase of his life when he will be running under antatardasha of SUN under mahadasha of KETU.his sun is in the ''MRITYUBHAGA'',a very critical period when his ''surya is markesh''.so Amitabh Bachchan may leave us.although we astrologers must avoid such predictions but unlike scientist,s rhetoric's astrologers should perform there duties.yes, one should avoid to cheat people,by recommending them costly remedial measures.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mulayam:No relief from courts-already predicted astrologically on 29th dec 08.

Supreme court today came on heavily on CBI,during the hearing the petition of non proportionate assets case of mulayam singh.SC said that cbi is functioning on the directions given by the ministry of justice and the central government.apex court said in his view CBI is no more an independent organisation.
This all indicates a troublesome period for mulayam singhji.
In my article published on 29th dec in ''dainik jagran'' the hindi daily that''MULAYAM SINGH ''brihaspati'' ADALATI MAAMLON ME SAATH NAHI DEGA.I had also written there that''rajniti ke akhhade ka yah pahalvan joojhejhega par achchha pradarshan nahi kar payega. in this very article i had predicted about the INFIGHTING OF BJP. I had written that=''BJP me aantarik jhagde ka sanket hai, bade netaaon me seedhe seedhe satta ke liye sangharsh hoga''.
In near future it will be troublesome for mulayam singh.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Predicting exact date of recovery of MANMOHAN,ATAL BIHARI.

In my latest article published in ''Dainik jagran'' published on 02nd February in which predicted that ''MANMOHAN SINGH KO 08 FEBRUARY SE SPEEDY RECOVERY HOGI.the article is also available on my blog under title ''grahon ke chakra me fanse manmohan''.
Same prediction I had dine for ATALJI in my blog on 06th February.and i had predicted that ''ATALJI WILL COME OUT OF HOSPITAL ON OR AFTER 12TH FEBRUARY.''now doctors also say some thing like this.BUT WHEN I HAD GIVEN THIS PREDICTION THEN ALMOST ALL THE CHANNELS WERE SHOWING THAT HIS CONDITION IS TOO i think that astrology is the only science which can speak truth if the astrologer is laborious and works hard honestly.

Indian politics and cinema:Venus giving it,s full impact.

Venus is the planet which gives it,s full impact only when it comes up to 10 degrees in any rashi ,as the original texts of astrology 08th February 2009 Venus in noon came at 10 it will be interesting to watch it,s impacts because venus is in it,s exaltation and it will last till may.after a long interval venus has been in exaltation for such a long time period.THIS WILL BE GOOD TIME FOR INDIAN ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.Venus in the 11th house will prove good for india.WOMEN will get importance and few women will be benificial for India.
Few new faces in POLITICS may appear very soon.Women will get importance in both major political parties,but specially inBJP. because BJPis running under venus mahadasha.some cinema actress or civil servants may contest the polls from BJP.In the horoscope of CONGRESS party venus now is in the lagna itself,nodoubt same impact will also be there but not up to that extinct as of BJPbecause it,s dasha is different.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Atal :safe till september-astrological view

Sri Atal Bihari vajpayi is in hospital since few days,as doctors says this is due to cough congestion in his chest.yesterday his condition became critical.he is kept on artificial ventilator.some news channel said that his condioton is worsening.I don,t think that he is in so danger that he could not be saved,the fluctuating transition of mercury on Sagittarius and Capricorn is responsible for this.this mercury which is ''karaka'' of cough which is in second house of natal horoscope with sun sun shows congestion,will move TOADY AT 10 PM,since TODAY NIGHT his condition will be better,sun will change it,s rashi on12th feb.on or after 12th he,ll be discharged.but he is running under the ''maraka'' nahadasha jupiter,and maraka antardasha,Venus so this could be his last dashas.which will run till 12 june 2011.this is his maximum lifespan.but because till 22th march he is running under venus pratyantardasha,he should be care full.Saturn is in simha rashi which is safe for him.if i conclude this then it will be proper to say that the worst period for vajpayiji will be since 09th September to 12th June. he will watch this election carefully and it will not be a strange if he becomes too nuch involved in the 15th ''general election''.where as period of advaniji to get a thorn not going to be fulfilled as his stars say.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Future of India:astrlogial view

If we see the future of india then it can be sai that india is under transition phase.venus dasha is about to end,which was running since 20 years.the main charactrer of venus is luxary,tv,fashion sex,vehicle and all kind of materialistic happiness.if we see our past 20years then it is very possible to analyse that no other country has developed than india.nw since few months ketu antar dasha is running,which is inthe seventh house,house of war,ONLY DUE TO THIS ANTAR ''BLASTS IN MUMBAI AT IN DECEMBER TOOK PLACE.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rajnath singh: planets in his favour since march

Including L.k.adwani there are many candidates in BJP who are in fray for prime ministerial candidate.amongst them are murlimanohar joshi,rajnath singh,bhairon singh shekhawat,sushma swaraj,arun jaitly etc.but among the rightnow the planets are in favour of Rajnath singh,either he will be prime minister or he may play key role in govt like Sonia gandhi.Because his planets are too strong to provide him a great office like p.m.

L.k adwani:not going to be prime minister

In my 16th june article published in''dainik jagran''i had boldly predicted that mr.l.k.adwani is not going to be p.m,even after NDA comes to power.actually since 18th sept 2008 he is running under shani{saturn} mahadasha.saturn is not in any rajyoga,which could provide him such important post,not to say that planets don,t favour him even to get a seat in cabinet.and since 08th march the planets totally will not be in his favour.
another stalwart in BJP is dr murli manohar joshi.joshiji,s planets are not in his favour till 2011.despite unfavourable dashas joshiji is running under sadhesati till2011.i use sadhesati concept as mr katwe, great a great astrologer, thing more to say about me. joshiji is that he should not even contest the loksabha polls.
The third horoscope which is available to me of any BJP leader is of Rajnath singh.till February last and first fortnight oe march his dashas are not so good as i have written in my article''rajnitik uthal puthal bhara hoga varsh 2209'',published in ''Dainik jagran'' on29th December 2008.since march he will run under a great rajyoga,i had predicted this even for the article of new year 2008 published in jagran on 24th dec 2007.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

on obama-us prez.

Today i have pasted the article on obama.rightnow his future is bright,but as you can view in my article published in ''dainik jagran'' that since may us president barak obama may face troubls.
I would explain it later. my next astrological view by tomorrow.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

crisis for upa-astrological view

bjp faced problems recently,i had predicted that. now it,s time for upa,congress to face problems.mulayam singh,as i had boldly writen in my article published on 29th dec208that he is going to face troubles from couts.on 27th jan supremecourt,s remarks can not be regarded good sign for mulayam date is on 10th of feb ,which seems bad for hi. now if we see upa,are starting,as lalu has showed his agony with congress,paswan yeserday projected himself leader f upa from bihar,and fr the post of p.m aswell.after 12th feb this difference wiill be widen.{see the article pasted here titled''rajnitik uthal puthal bhara hoga yah varsh2009.

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