Sunday, February 15, 2009

Astrologers using incorrect birth details of Atal bihari vajpayee

Many of the renowned astrologers use incorrect birth date of Atalji,and in spite of this irony they are giving correct it is yet to be ascertained.his ''lagna'' is vrishchika,but most astrologers use thula lagna.for what they are doing all this i don,t know.
How these astrologers are doing their job can be understood by a single example.An astrologer who is writing astrology for a prestigious Hindi daily since many years on his Sunday column used birth details of the actress MALLIKA SHERAWAT birth detail as 24-April-1981 Kanya lagna in his article which was publihed on26 NOVEMBER 2006.At 08Th February the same astrologer used her birth detail as 24-Oct-1976 thula what could be said.only because of these fake and publicity hungry astrologers the scientists criticise and they don,t regard astrology's, entity,although they also consult astrologers.only few astrologers are doing their job very well,the best performance done by SRI. K.N.RAO and his associates. so merely to get fame we astrologers must not be indulged in such malpractices.
On the basis of correct birth details i had predicted the time of recovery of ATALJ BIHARI VAJPAYEE.

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