Saturday, February 7, 2009

Atal :safe till september-astrological view

Sri Atal Bihari vajpayi is in hospital since few days,as doctors says this is due to cough congestion in his chest.yesterday his condition became critical.he is kept on artificial ventilator.some news channel said that his condioton is worsening.I don,t think that he is in so danger that he could not be saved,the fluctuating transition of mercury on Sagittarius and Capricorn is responsible for this.this mercury which is ''karaka'' of cough which is in second house of natal horoscope with sun sun shows congestion,will move TOADY AT 10 PM,since TODAY NIGHT his condition will be better,sun will change it,s rashi on12th feb.on or after 12th he,ll be discharged.but he is running under the ''maraka'' nahadasha jupiter,and maraka antardasha,Venus so this could be his last dashas.which will run till 12 june 2011.this is his maximum lifespan.but because till 22th march he is running under venus pratyantardasha,he should be care full.Saturn is in simha rashi which is safe for him.if i conclude this then it will be proper to say that the worst period for vajpayiji will be since 09th September to 12th June. he will watch this election carefully and it will not be a strange if he becomes too nuch involved in the 15th ''general election''.where as period of advaniji to get a thorn not going to be fulfilled as his stars say.

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