Monday, February 9, 2009

Indian politics and cinema:Venus giving it,s full impact.

Venus is the planet which gives it,s full impact only when it comes up to 10 degrees in any rashi ,as the original texts of astrology 08th February 2009 Venus in noon came at 10 it will be interesting to watch it,s impacts because venus is in it,s exaltation and it will last till may.after a long interval venus has been in exaltation for such a long time period.THIS WILL BE GOOD TIME FOR INDIAN ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.Venus in the 11th house will prove good for india.WOMEN will get importance and few women will be benificial for India.
Few new faces in POLITICS may appear very soon.Women will get importance in both major political parties,but specially inBJP. because BJPis running under venus mahadasha.some cinema actress or civil servants may contest the polls from BJP.In the horoscope of CONGRESS party venus now is in the lagna itself,nodoubt same impact will also be there but not up to that extinct as of BJPbecause it,s dasha is different.

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