Thursday, February 5, 2009

L.k adwani:not going to be prime minister

In my 16th june article published in''dainik jagran''i had boldly predicted that mr.l.k.adwani is not going to be p.m,even after NDA comes to power.actually since 18th sept 2008 he is running under shani{saturn} mahadasha.saturn is not in any rajyoga,which could provide him such important post,not to say that planets don,t favour him even to get a seat in cabinet.and since 08th march the planets totally will not be in his favour.
another stalwart in BJP is dr murli manohar joshi.joshiji,s planets are not in his favour till 2011.despite unfavourable dashas joshiji is running under sadhesati till2011.i use sadhesati concept as mr katwe, great a great astrologer, thing more to say about me. joshiji is that he should not even contest the loksabha polls.
The third horoscope which is available to me of any BJP leader is of Rajnath singh.till February last and first fortnight oe march his dashas are not so good as i have written in my article''rajnitik uthal puthal bhara hoga varsh 2209'',published in ''Dainik jagran'' on29th December 2008.since march he will run under a great rajyoga,i had predicted this even for the article of new year 2008 published in jagran on 24th dec 2007.

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