Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mulayam:No relief from courts-already predicted astrologically on 29th dec 08.

Supreme court today came on heavily on CBI,during the hearing the petition of non proportionate assets case of mulayam singh.SC said that cbi is functioning on the directions given by the ministry of justice and the central government.apex court said in his view CBI is no more an independent organisation.
This all indicates a troublesome period for mulayam singhji.
In my article published on 29th dec in ''dainik jagran'' the hindi daily that''MULAYAM SINGH ''brihaspati'' ADALATI MAAMLON ME SAATH NAHI DEGA.I had also written there that''rajniti ke akhhade ka yah pahalvan joojhejhega par achchha pradarshan nahi kar payega. in this very article i had predicted about the INFIGHTING OF BJP. I had written that=''BJP me aantarik jhagde ka sanket hai, bade netaaon me seedhe seedhe satta ke liye sangharsh hoga''.
In near future it will be troublesome for mulayam singh.

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