Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saadhesaati exists But Kaal sarpa yoga does,nt at all

Now a days most professional astrologers are making money through frightening their clients,by some yogas in their horoscopes,as MANGALIK DOSHA,SAADHESATI, AND THE MOST SO CALLED DANGEROUS ''KAAL SARPA YOGA''.up to some extent saadhesati ex,and manglik dosha occurs,as our classics suggests.but not in that way as it is being explained now a days.saadhesaati brings change in life that may be good,bad,worse or worst all these depends upon the dashas in which the person is running.some times the whole period passes away and nothing new takes place.some times it gives both kind of good and bad results simultaneously.for example pt Nehru became prime minister in his 3rd saadhesaati.he achieved this because of his fourth house dasha and because the dasha was favourable Saadhesaati could not stop him to be p.m.second example is of his daughter INDIRA GANDHI,she became prime minister in her saadhesaati but before this she became the mister of broadcasting, but at the same time she lost her father jawahar lal nehru.SO IT GAVE MIXED RESPONSE to indira gandhi.nice example is of MORARJI DESAII ,he saw three saadhesaatis in his life in first one he became an officer in second one he became a cabinet minister,and in the third one he became prime minister but in the same saadhesaati he had to quit the office.SANJAI GANDHI became elected for the parliament in his saadhesaati but in the same period he lost his life.The latest example is of DR.MURLI MANOHAR JOSHI,who is running under saadhesaati and the adverse dasha aswell,the leaders having lower status than him is going to the top and his stars seems fading but when his saadhesaati will over he will perform better,but unlike the classics new researches suggests that the saadhesaati of any person does not starts just after the saturn changes it,s raashi,but it depends upon the the degrees of the natal moon.
Researches suggests that the second sadhesati may be proved fatal for parents.in the SAADHESAATI PERIOD CERTAINLY THERE WILL COME A CHANGE IN THE LIFE OF THE PERSON.
Maangalik dosha is found in 60% horoscopes.it has been too much emphasised.except mangalik dosha and ''guna milaan'' many other factors should be watched carefully.merely on the basis of mangalik dosha we must not fix or solemnise or discard the marriages.
''KAALSARPA YOGA'' IS NO SUCH YOGA .IT HAS NO ENTITY.no ancient standard text has mentioned KAALSARPA YOGA''.but when it will come in to knowledge of public that they should not be frightened of these yogas the''fake astrologers would lose their real source of income.some greatest persons have kaalsarpa yoga in their kundlis but they performed best for example-pt NEHRU,GREAT MOGHUL KING AKBAR,MANY IAS OFFICERS,ARIEL SHARON,K.P.S.GILL,MARGARET THATCHER,BHAGWATI CHARAN VARMA,etc. so we should be rational and should belief the real vadic jyotish.

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