Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sanjay Datt not allowed to contest polls:Stars not in favour predicted very before

Today Supreme court dismissed the petition of film star Sanjai Datt.About Sanjai Datt I HAD PREDICTED ON 29TH DECEMBER 2009 in the hindi daily ''Dainik jagran'' that planets are not in his favour.He should not inter in the politics at any cost.I had also predicted that after 08th jan 09 his bad timings will start.viewers can ask that what bad period he faced after 08yh jan 09,my answer will be that today the Supreme court denied him to allow to contest polls.then what he was doing in Lucknow since one month.I din,t think that Sanjay has got gain from all this except humiliations.he wondered on the streets of Lucknow and finally he is not allow to contest the Loksabha polls.
At last he might have feeling deceived.I had predicted about Sanjai datt very before in ''DAINIK JAGRAN''{ some times in 2007} when according to my predictions he was found guilty and was sentenced for six years.Although after few time he got bail and he became enthusiastic,and tried to contest polls so that he become more acceptable to Indians.but one can not change his fate,he has to follow what has been written for him.i want to say that Sanjai Datt lost many wealth due to not doing the films these days.
One thing more I would like to predict that not only he is denied to contest the polls but his stars will not be in his favour in the future also.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Neither Advani nor Manmohan,Someone else will be next P.M.

Yesterday both p.m and p.m in waiting Manmohan singh and Advani criticised each other.Manmohan criticised Advani as failure as a home minister.but in my article published on 29Th December 2008 I had clearly predicted Advaniji not going to be the next P.M of India.LATER IN ANOTHER ARTICLE i predicted that Manmohan singh is not going to be the next P.M.actually both have lost there RAJYOGAS.View my 3 articles.1.about advaniji2.about Mamohan singh3.about the CONGRESS AND BJP.Once again I reiterate that both the only declared candidates are not going to be P.M as planets indicate.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Varun Gandhi:Going to get mileage after controversy,as Planets indicate.

Varun Gandhi is now a days in news regarding his speech against a community.and following this the EC took a Stern action against him by asking his party BJP not to consider his candidature.Although the BJP as per law is not bound to follow the suggestions of Election Commission. Now no one is clear actually what is going to happen,even the BJP top brass.

For a politician who is making a debut in politics it is more important that he get popularity at any cost, and Varun has chosen the same path.he might be criticised by his opponents but his speech is going to be in favour of him and his party the BJP as well.

Now I should analyse it astrologically.Varun is running under dasha of Rahu-moon-Venus till 23rd march 09.Venus aspected by rahu and in navamsa venus is with mars and Rahu.and antardasha moon is afflicted in the navamsa again.

But the main fact on which we should concentrate is that when the elections will be held his antardasha will be of MARS.

VARUN WILL NOT ONLY BE ALLOWED TO CONTEST THE ELECTIONS BUT HE WILL WIN WITH A SMOOTH MARGIN.For an astrologer it doesn,t mean what is going to happen according to the current political scene.but he should read the chart of an individual with out fear or favour,with out being prejudiced.

One thing I would like to say that I have already predicted for Varun in DAINIK JAGRAN and in this very Blog earlier.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BJP:Infighting already predicted,but But will be largest single in L.Sabha polls

As i had predicted on 29 th dec 2008 in hindi daily ''dainik jagran'' that in BJP there will be infighting and the senior leaders will fight for power.and I had quoted specially for Rajnath singh,that he will be indulged in this infighting or feud.as we see these days the very hot issue is of Arun jaitly issue,i don,t have the horoscopes of arunji but i know that planets of Mr.Rajnath singh is too strong and according to the horoscopesof bjp there seems no change or problem in the party .
Although every thing is fare in politics but for astrologers these charts or horoscopes are merely horoscopes,might be that of head of the nation or of a common man.An astrologer always should predict with out prejudices as a scientist do.
As i had predicted,i once again reiterate that-DESPITE INFIGHTING AMONGST THE TOP LEADERS, BJP WILL BE THE SINGLE LARGEST party in forthcoming loksabha elections.
right now BJP is running under venus-mercury-venus pratyantar.problem is arising only because the aspect of venus to the sixth house.and in the navamsa the venus is sixth lord BUT VENUS IS EXALTED only because of this BJP WILL BE THE SINGLE LARGEST PARTY.in this blog the very prediction is pasted also in older post. the venus pratyantar will run till 04th may.after that sun pratyantardasha will run which is in the 10Th house of power of BJP.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sushma Swaraj:yet to see her best

I am pasting my article which is published in ''dainik jagran'' today about BJP leader Sushma Swaraj.Planets of sushmaji is not in his favour now a days.if we see her horoscope then we get that she is running under ''saadhesati''.
I am not amongst those astrologers who frightens people from saadhesaati and the fake and inexisting yoga ''kaalsarpa''.but saadhesati really exists. and in the horoscope of sushmaji the saturn is with the moon and only because of this she has lost the very reputation which she had once.there are various leaders in BJP after ADVANIJI,such as Rajnath singh,narendra modi,arun jaitly.
She will win the loksabha.AND I PREDICT THAT SHE IS YET TO SEE HER BEST TIME.but only after 2013.rest of the prediction is in the article if you are able to read in hindi.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Worst condition in Pakistan before 16th april 2009

As wee see when the India was in festive mood of barawafaat and Holi, the news spread from the neighbouring country Pakistan was not good.As an astrologer if I see the chart of pakistan then I get that since 07th march when the RAHU pratyantar dasha of Pakistan started it came under trouble.although the problems were started since few months ago.Pakistan is currently running under mahadasha of Shukra{venus} since 26Th Dec 2007 and Pakistan,s premier BENAZEER BHUTTO WAS SHOT DEAD just after one day the Venus mahadasha started.
It shows that VENUS was not favourable for Pakistan.but why? Let us view this.Venus is the seventh lord.this is the house of wars,international disputes,immorality in the country etc.this venous is situated in the fourth house of opposition parties even EARTHQUAKES,VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS{AN EARTHQUAKE IN THIS OR IN THE SURROUNDING AREA IS NOT DENIED.venus is also second house of misery.but this Venus is with mercury the third lord of border clashes with 10Th and 11Th lords.10Th lord represents prime ministers,head of the states,death to ruler,revaluations and LAWLESSNESS,PARTIES IN POWER.
it shows that the maha dasha of Venus which is with the saturn,sun and mercury in fourth house is going to be proved worst for the Pakistan.because these four planets aspects the tenth house.the antardasha also is of the afflicted Venus.and the vinshhottari pratyantardasha is of Rahu which also aspects the tenth houe of pakistan. but TILL THE 16TH APRIL 2009 MARS ASPECTS THE SATURN.
In the transit the saturn is in the simha rashi and the mars is in the 11th houe means it is under the axis of 5th and11th house .fifth house shows scandals and morality whereas 11Th house shows alliences with foreign countries.But this venus is with the sixth lord mercury also,which represents armed forces,territorial attacks,war,LABOUR UNIONS,STRIKES SERVICE CLASS.
About venus it is said in the mundane astrology that when it is afflicted it shows STRIFES.THIS ''VENUS'' CONTROLLS OVER JUDGES,JURY ETC.
If we sum up this by sayin that inthe venus-venus-rahu dasha and mutual aspects of saturn and mars TILL 16TH APRIL IT IS WORST TIME FOR ''PAKISTAN''.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sanjay Datt:Planets are not in his favour

Sanjay Datt is the samajvadi party candidate for Loksabha general elections.but first of all he has to seek permission from the apex court.for which he has given an application yesterday on which hearing is possible today.but the planets don,t seems helping him before 01st of may 2009.and the elections for Lucknow loksabha constituency is scheduled on 30th april.
Only JUPITER of ''kumbha''can help him which will come in kumbha from makar on 01st of may.and elections will be over in Lucknow on 30th april 09.the transit of jupiter from makar to kumbha is a rare transit.
But the time for Sanjay Datt is not favourable in my view.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Atal bihari vajpayee,atlast came out of hospital:I had predicted it on 06th feb.

When the publicity hungry media was continuously releasing the news of Atalji that his condition according to media doctors was worsening i read the chart of atalji and found that he has entered in the AIIMS but he will return very soon.
Then i wrote on 06TH FEB IN THIS VERY BLOG that Atal will not only survive but also he will watch and instruct the BJP leadership regarding forthcoming general elections. I repeated this article with the exact date of recovery of P.M manmohan singh.that also came true because i HAD WRITTEN IN ''DAINIK JAGRAN'' THAT THE SPEEDY RECOVERY OF MANMOHAN SINGH WILL START SINCE 08TH FEB .and that came true.
Prediction about Atalji comes always true because I use the correct horoscope of Atalji.

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