Monday, March 2, 2009

Atal bihari vajpayee,atlast came out of hospital:I had predicted it on 06th feb.

When the publicity hungry media was continuously releasing the news of Atalji that his condition according to media doctors was worsening i read the chart of atalji and found that he has entered in the AIIMS but he will return very soon.
Then i wrote on 06TH FEB IN THIS VERY BLOG that Atal will not only survive but also he will watch and instruct the BJP leadership regarding forthcoming general elections. I repeated this article with the exact date of recovery of P.M manmohan singh.that also came true because i HAD WRITTEN IN ''DAINIK JAGRAN'' THAT THE SPEEDY RECOVERY OF MANMOHAN SINGH WILL START SINCE 08TH FEB .and that came true.
Prediction about Atalji comes always true because I use the correct horoscope of Atalji.

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