Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BJP:Infighting already predicted,but But will be largest single in L.Sabha polls

As i had predicted on 29 th dec 2008 in hindi daily ''dainik jagran'' that in BJP there will be infighting and the senior leaders will fight for power.and I had quoted specially for Rajnath singh,that he will be indulged in this infighting or we see these days the very hot issue is of Arun jaitly issue,i don,t have the horoscopes of arunji but i know that planets of Mr.Rajnath singh is too strong and according to the horoscopesof bjp there seems no change or problem in the party .
Although every thing is fare in politics but for astrologers these charts or horoscopes are merely horoscopes,might be that of head of the nation or of a common man.An astrologer always should predict with out prejudices as a scientist do.
As i had predicted,i once again reiterate that-DESPITE INFIGHTING AMONGST THE TOP LEADERS, BJP WILL BE THE SINGLE LARGEST party in forthcoming loksabha elections.
right now BJP is running under venus-mercury-venus pratyantar.problem is arising only because the aspect of venus to the sixth house.and in the navamsa the venus is sixth lord BUT VENUS IS EXALTED only because of this BJP WILL BE THE SINGLE LARGEST this blog the very prediction is pasted also in older post. the venus pratyantar will run till 04th may.after that sun pratyantardasha will run which is in the 10Th house of power of BJP.

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