Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sanjay Datt not allowed to contest polls:Stars not in favour predicted very before

Today Supreme court dismissed the petition of film star Sanjai Datt.About Sanjai Datt I HAD PREDICTED ON 29TH DECEMBER 2009 in the hindi daily ''Dainik jagran'' that planets are not in his favour.He should not inter in the politics at any cost.I had also predicted that after 08th jan 09 his bad timings will start.viewers can ask that what bad period he faced after 08yh jan 09,my answer will be that today the Supreme court denied him to allow to contest polls.then what he was doing in Lucknow since one month.I din,t think that Sanjay has got gain from all this except humiliations.he wondered on the streets of Lucknow and finally he is not allow to contest the Loksabha polls.
At last he might have feeling deceived.I had predicted about Sanjai datt very before in ''DAINIK JAGRAN''{ some times in 2007} when according to my predictions he was found guilty and was sentenced for six years.Although after few time he got bail and he became enthusiastic,and tried to contest polls so that he become more acceptable to Indians.but one can not change his fate,he has to follow what has been written for him.i want to say that Sanjai Datt lost many wealth due to not doing the films these days.
One thing more I would like to predict that not only he is denied to contest the polls but his stars will not be in his favour in the future also.

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