Friday, March 13, 2009

Worst condition in Pakistan before 16th april 2009

As wee see when the India was in festive mood of barawafaat and Holi, the news spread from the neighbouring country Pakistan was not good.As an astrologer if I see the chart of pakistan then I get that since 07th march when the RAHU pratyantar dasha of Pakistan started it came under trouble.although the problems were started since few months ago.Pakistan is currently running under mahadasha of Shukra{venus} since 26Th Dec 2007 and Pakistan,s premier BENAZEER BHUTTO WAS SHOT DEAD just after one day the Venus mahadasha started.
It shows that VENUS was not favourable for Pakistan.but why? Let us view this.Venus is the seventh lord.this is the house of wars,international disputes,immorality in the country etc.this venous is situated in the fourth house of opposition parties even EARTHQUAKES,VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS{AN EARTHQUAKE IN THIS OR IN THE SURROUNDING AREA IS NOT DENIED.venus is also second house of misery.but this Venus is with mercury the third lord of border clashes with 10Th and 11Th lords.10Th lord represents prime ministers,head of the states,death to ruler,revaluations and LAWLESSNESS,PARTIES IN POWER.
it shows that the maha dasha of Venus which is with the saturn,sun and mercury in fourth house is going to be proved worst for the Pakistan.because these four planets aspects the tenth house.the antardasha also is of the afflicted Venus.and the vinshhottari pratyantardasha is of Rahu which also aspects the tenth houe of pakistan. but TILL THE 16TH APRIL 2009 MARS ASPECTS THE SATURN.
In the transit the saturn is in the simha rashi and the mars is in the 11th houe means it is under the axis of 5th and11th house .fifth house shows scandals and morality whereas 11Th house shows alliences with foreign countries.But this venus is with the sixth lord mercury also,which represents armed forces,territorial attacks,war,LABOUR UNIONS,STRIKES SERVICE CLASS.
About venus it is said in the mundane astrology that when it is afflicted it shows STRIFES.THIS ''VENUS'' CONTROLLS OVER JUDGES,JURY ETC.
If we sum up this by sayin that inthe venus-venus-rahu dasha and mutual aspects of saturn and mars TILL 16TH APRIL IT IS WORST TIME FOR ''PAKISTAN''.

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