Monday, April 27, 2009

Any woman will have the key of power after elections,as planets indicate

This is my article published in ''Dainik jagran'' today on 27th April,as it always published only on monday.
It is quite difficult to predict the particular person who is going to be P.M,because in Indian democracy any one can be p.m if it is in his fate.and the opportunist behaviour of the leaders and the infighting in any coalition may create such a situation where any surprising name may appear all of sudden.
But few things are possible to indicate through vedic astrology.when we use the popular vimshottari dasha up to sookshhma dasha level the we get that India will be running under the saturn pratyantar dasha a that time.
and the sookshhma dasha of ketu will be running till 22nd may,venus after 22nd may.
all three planets are female planets showing any woman having the key of P.M

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jupiter out of the grip of Rahu for three months:best time for many,specially for SIMHA rashi.

Jupiter will transit in the kumbha rashi from makar for near about three is a very rare transit.because it had recently transited from dhanu to makar.
This transit will take place at 01st may.the special thing is that it will be out of the grip of rahu which was forming ''GURUCHANDAAL YOGAA'',A BAD YOGA''.now jupiter will give it,s alone impact.
One thing important to quote here is that when any one is under ''saadhesaati'' the aspect of jupiter is the best jupiter will directly aspect the simha raashi.
Who were not going to be married because of unfavourable transit of jupiter,now will be married till july.
Saturn is going to be linear near 30th simply means that then saturn will give it,s impact from simha rashi,which right now is giving it,s impact from karka rashi also.retrograte planets give it,s impact from one rashi befoe also.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Himanshu Upadhyaya:A success story of an IAS.

I knew him since 2000.but gave prediction for him sometimes in 2004.when he came to me to know the future of him and his friend.till then he had not tasted the success of any kind.
When i predicted about him and his friend that both of them is going to get success in civil cervices and before that they will get many jobs[they got see the details in the article].
I had also predicted both of them will be was surprising prediction for their friends and even both of them,although both trusted me. they have much faith in God.and after few months of my predictions they got countless success.finally the girl right now is TTO[a PCS officer] in his home district.
And Himanshu right now is in Lucknow for his IRTS [IAS]training,an all India administrative job for Indian railways.
This all success he got in the dasha of SUN.before publication OF THIS ARTICLE IN ''DAINIK JAGRAN''he was selected for Dy Sp in U.P, AND HE GOT FOURTH RANK IN UPPSC*****In this article i had predicted that he is not going to stop.he will get more successes.and he was finally selected for IRTS.
***My next prediction about him is that:He is yet to see his best.
*****One more thing I would like to reveal that he got married to the same girl on 20th nov 2008,the TTO in his home district,AZAMGARH.
After few days they are going to achieve another successes.he is right now under MOON dasha.I had applied 4 dashas ti his horoscope,even Mandook dasha also.
View the article pasted here with some more examples of success,and also see the yogas of Civil cervices.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The prediction given on the eve of new year 2009:published in ''Dainik jagran'' on 29 th Dec 08.

This paper was already it is pasted again, only because before this it was not able to be scanned this can be viewed well.

Margaret Alva:Best time since july 2009-part 1

Margret Alva recently was in disputes regarding her allegations to Congress unit of Karnataka that were taken cash for the ticket distribution.
Her reputation in the party was affected badly.and for some times it was assessed by the political analysts that her career might be ruined. she resigned from the post of AICC on 10th nov 2008 for ''sale of party tickets''.
This all took place in the dasha of MOON-VENUS-MERCURY since 24th september 2008 to 19th december 2008. moon is in lagna with mercury made her prepared to give such a hard statements.venus is in Rahu-Ketu axis.mercury is afflicted in the navamsa.
Now she is under moon-sun-sat.I am not sure about her seat in Loksabha.
But one thing i will predict that she WILL BE INDUCTED IN THE NEXT CABINET AFTER 24TH JULY MIGHT BE THAT OF ANY COALITION, WHEN she will be in the dasha of Mars which is in very maevellous ''Rajyoga''.and her next seven years will be best for her.
{some thing more{part-2} will be written about her in next posts}.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Elections after 28th january comfortable for Congress:I had predicted in july

This very article which i have pasted here was published in ''Dainik jagran'' on 17th july in which i had indicated two possible timings of elections -1st. since 25th nov {misprinted here as December}2008 to 19Th DEC2008,and 2nd possibility was after 28th Jan 2009.
In this article i had indicated that if elections were held till december it would be worst for Congress but if it will be held after 28th January it would be better for congress.
I still predict that BJP will be the single largest party.
I have only indicated about the possible candidates of P.M having stronger fates, only of those candidates horoscopes are available to me.
Still i have not predicted about the political party which is about to come in power ONLY BECAUSE IT WILL BE IRRATIONAL TO PREDICT WHEN ONLY CHARTS OF MERELY TWO MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES ARE AVAILABLE.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lalji Tandon:New M.P of Luckmow as plnets indicate

Lalji Tandon is contesting from Lucknow. Every
one know that this was the prestigious seat of Atalji from where he used to contest.after Atalji Tandonji, his closed associate is now against Akhileshdas,Nafisa Ali,Rita joshiji.
Now astrologically if i view about his prospects then I DECLARE HIS VICTORY FROM LUCKNOW if this horoscope is correct which is provided by a BJP supporter from Lucknow.
Now see this astrologically .I am going to use three dashas for his chart.
1.Vimshottary dasha:His dash is RAHU-RAHU-JUP right now.rahu from eleventh house aspects his fifth house,the most important houe for a politician rahu,s dispositor Saturn aspects ninth house, an other house important for a politician to win the navamsa Rahu aspects the ninth lord mercury.his jupiter is exalted in navamsa forming a Gajkesari yoga there.
2.Now i use the the Dwisaptaptisamadasha which is applied on his horoscope.he is under SUN-RAHU.his sun is in his lagna being sixth lord giving him enough potency to counter his rivals.RAHU IS IN FIFTH HOUSE OF THE DASHMANSHA.
3.Now I use Shashtihayani dasha.dasha running is MERCURY-MERCURY.mercury is his fourth and seventh navamsa being ninth lord it is in the tenth house. in in dashmansha it is again in tenth house.
When results will be declared his saturn jupiter and almost all the planets will be favourable to him.his moon will be in the house of gain.
but Venus will be in his lagna .it indicates that both the women candidate will be proved problem for him.
ultimately according to indications of planets Lalji Tandon is going to take over Atalji.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Amar singh:going to see a very trouble some period

Amar singh, a name which is perhaps most talked about in recent years.he has always been in news for various reasons,but for the first time he seems in trouble.he gave harsh statements regarding Mulayam singh,the S.P chief, because of his rivalry to AZAM KHAN. Amar singh known for his manoeuvrings for the first time seems desperate and not able to bite his rival.and he seems really hurt.his behaviour on the eve of the Loksabha polls may create greater troubles for both the Party and mulayam singh as well.
Now let us view his horoscope.he performed his best in the MAHADASHA OF ''VENUS''.Venus related him to luxury, media,cinema,and all celebrities.this VENUS is his second lord aspected by the fourth and seventh lord making his life''colour full''. this venus is also aspected by ''vargottam MARS.
His third house is so power full that i have not seen yet of any politician.only because of this he is ready to counter any one, whom so ever he may be. the three malefic planets in the house of courage proves this.his Sun dasha was as it is.
Now view his MOON dasha which started since may 2008.this moon is in eleventh house of gains. also aspected by lagna lord.He really gained much appreciations when he came forward to save the UPA government on the NUCLEAR issue.AND HE MADE HIS IMAGE AS SAVIOUR.
But the same Amar singh is being challenged by a common leader whom no one know outside the territory of U.P.,might be Azam khan more important for the Samajvadi party.Amar has openly admitted that he is being ignored by party chief Mulayam singh and AZAM KHAN IS BEEN GIVEN MORE IMPORTANCE. he said that he MAY QUIT THE PARTY on 07Th April.
Why Amar singh become so helpless in this intra party tussle.SEE HIS''MOON'' IN NAVAMSA.this moon is in the sixth house of fightings and controversies.this moon is with the fiery planet mars aspected by the the lagna kundali this moon is aspected by the RAHU,which represents Muslim.only because of this he is in rivalry with Azam khan.
Now what is going to happen.Amar rigt now is running under the dasha of MOON-MARS-RAHU SINCE 18TH MARCH TILL19TH APRIL.after that he will be under ptatyantar of jupiter which is in the 12Th house which also shows the door of exit.
FINALLY i would like to conclude that Amar singh should be very care full otherwise the debilitated moon may show him the exit door from SP. make him less important than he is as of now. his moon is going to create greater problems for him in coming on 24Th may MARS is also going to transit in his eighth house of intrigues.a larger level of conspiracy against his political career is possible.and he also seems going to hear troublesome news from courts.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Inflation rate at it,s lowest level:was predicted on 03rd Nov 2008

Price rise is the greatest issue right now.not only in India but US too is much more effected with this great problem.But India faced it up to some extent.the common man hardly was able to afford the simple''DAALROTI''. Price rise might be a great issue in the fourth coming ''Loksabha polls.and people is in so anger and agitation.the housewives are too bothered to manage their budget.every article became very expensive.
Although it was the worldwide problem,but India also faced this,but not in that manner as USA is facing.
In my article which was published on 03rd Nov 2008 in ''Dainik jagran I had predicted that the inflation rate which was at 11.91 at it,s highest level on 05Th July2008 will decrease ,and India will not follow the US.actually this all happened when ketu Dasha was started in India,s horoscope.
I had predicted that no major tools to curve the price rise will be success full till Sept 2009. but I had predicted that there will be some phases when the public will feel good.I HAD PREDICTED THAT SINCE 04TH MARCH INDIA WILL FEEL SOME RELIEF.might be this all due to elections but RIGHT NOW INFLATION RATE HAS REACHED UP TO 0.37.THE LOWEST LEVEL IN RECENT YEARS.I HAVE HAD TO ANALYSE THIS AS AN ASTROLOGER NOT AS AN POLITICIAN OR ECONOMIST.-read this article which i have pasted here.

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