Friday, April 10, 2009

Amar singh:going to see a very trouble some period

Amar singh, a name which is perhaps most talked about in recent years.he has always been in news for various reasons,but for the first time he seems in trouble.he gave harsh statements regarding Mulayam singh,the S.P chief, because of his rivalry to AZAM KHAN. Amar singh known for his manoeuvrings for the first time seems desperate and not able to bite his rival.and he seems really hurt.his behaviour on the eve of the Loksabha polls may create greater troubles for both the Party and mulayam singh as well.
Now let us view his horoscope.he performed his best in the MAHADASHA OF ''VENUS''.Venus related him to luxury, media,cinema,and all celebrities.this VENUS is his second lord aspected by the fourth and seventh lord making his life''colour full''. this venus is also aspected by ''vargottam MARS.
His third house is so power full that i have not seen yet of any politician.only because of this he is ready to counter any one, whom so ever he may be. the three malefic planets in the house of courage proves this.his Sun dasha was as it is.
Now view his MOON dasha which started since may 2008.this moon is in eleventh house of gains. also aspected by lagna lord.He really gained much appreciations when he came forward to save the UPA government on the NUCLEAR issue.AND HE MADE HIS IMAGE AS SAVIOUR.
But the same Amar singh is being challenged by a common leader whom no one know outside the territory of U.P.,might be Azam khan more important for the Samajvadi party.Amar has openly admitted that he is being ignored by party chief Mulayam singh and AZAM KHAN IS BEEN GIVEN MORE IMPORTANCE. he said that he MAY QUIT THE PARTY on 07Th April.
Why Amar singh become so helpless in this intra party tussle.SEE HIS''MOON'' IN NAVAMSA.this moon is in the sixth house of fightings and controversies.this moon is with the fiery planet mars aspected by the the lagna kundali this moon is aspected by the RAHU,which represents Muslim.only because of this he is in rivalry with Azam khan.
Now what is going to happen.Amar rigt now is running under the dasha of MOON-MARS-RAHU SINCE 18TH MARCH TILL19TH APRIL.after that he will be under ptatyantar of jupiter which is in the 12Th house which also shows the door of exit.
FINALLY i would like to conclude that Amar singh should be very care full otherwise the debilitated moon may show him the exit door from SP. make him less important than he is as of now. his moon is going to create greater problems for him in coming on 24Th may MARS is also going to transit in his eighth house of intrigues.a larger level of conspiracy against his political career is possible.and he also seems going to hear troublesome news from courts.

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