Monday, April 27, 2009

Any woman will have the key of power after elections,as planets indicate

This is my article published in ''Dainik jagran'' today on 27th April,as it always published only on monday.
It is quite difficult to predict the particular person who is going to be P.M,because in Indian democracy any one can be p.m if it is in his fate.and the opportunist behaviour of the leaders and the infighting in any coalition may create such a situation where any surprising name may appear all of sudden.
But few things are possible to indicate through vedic astrology.when we use the popular vimshottari dasha up to sookshhma dasha level the we get that India will be running under the saturn pratyantar dasha a that time.
and the sookshhma dasha of ketu will be running till 22nd may,venus after 22nd may.
all three planets are female planets showing any woman having the key of P.M

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