Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Inflation rate at it,s lowest level:was predicted on 03rd Nov 2008

Price rise is the greatest issue right now.not only in India but US too is much more effected with this great problem.But India faced it up to some extent.the common man hardly was able to afford the simple''DAALROTI''. Price rise might be a great issue in the fourth coming ''Loksabha polls.and people is in so anger and agitation.the housewives are too bothered to manage their budget.every article became very expensive.
Although it was the worldwide problem,but India also faced this,but not in that manner as USA is facing.
In my article which was published on 03rd Nov 2008 in ''Dainik jagran I had predicted that the inflation rate which was at 11.91 at it,s highest level on 05Th July2008 will decrease ,and India will not follow the US.actually this all happened when ketu Dasha was started in India,s horoscope.
I had predicted that no major tools to curve the price rise will be success full till Sept 2009. but I had predicted that there will be some phases when the public will feel good.I HAD PREDICTED THAT SINCE 04TH MARCH INDIA WILL FEEL SOME RELIEF.might be this all due to elections but RIGHT NOW INFLATION RATE HAS REACHED UP TO 0.37.THE LOWEST LEVEL IN RECENT YEARS.I HAVE HAD TO ANALYSE THIS AS AN ASTROLOGER NOT AS AN POLITICIAN OR ECONOMIST.-read this article which i have pasted here.

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