Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lalji Tandon:New M.P of Luckmow as plnets indicate

Lalji Tandon is contesting from Lucknow. Every
one know that this was the prestigious seat of Atalji from where he used to contest.after Atalji Tandonji, his closed associate is now against Akhileshdas,Nafisa Ali,Rita joshiji.
Now astrologically if i view about his prospects then I DECLARE HIS VICTORY FROM LUCKNOW if this horoscope is correct which is provided by a BJP supporter from Lucknow.
Now see this astrologically .I am going to use three dashas for his chart.
1.Vimshottary dasha:His dash is RAHU-RAHU-JUP right now.rahu from eleventh house aspects his fifth house,the most important houe for a politician rahu,s dispositor Saturn aspects ninth house, an other house important for a politician to win the navamsa Rahu aspects the ninth lord mercury.his jupiter is exalted in navamsa forming a Gajkesari yoga there.
2.Now i use the the Dwisaptaptisamadasha which is applied on his horoscope.he is under SUN-RAHU.his sun is in his lagna being sixth lord giving him enough potency to counter his rivals.RAHU IS IN FIFTH HOUSE OF THE DASHMANSHA.
3.Now I use Shashtihayani dasha.dasha running is MERCURY-MERCURY.mercury is his fourth and seventh navamsa being ninth lord it is in the tenth house. in in dashmansha it is again in tenth house.
When results will be declared his saturn jupiter and almost all the planets will be favourable to him.his moon will be in the house of gain.
but Venus will be in his lagna .it indicates that both the women candidate will be proved problem for him.
ultimately according to indications of planets Lalji Tandon is going to take over Atalji.

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