Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Margaret Alva:Best time since july 2009-part 1

Margret Alva recently was in disputes regarding her allegations to Congress unit of Karnataka that were taken cash for the ticket distribution.
Her reputation in the party was affected badly.and for some times it was assessed by the political analysts that her career might be ruined. she resigned from the post of AICC on 10th nov 2008 for ''sale of party tickets''.
This all took place in the dasha of MOON-VENUS-MERCURY since 24th september 2008 to 19th december 2008. moon is in lagna with mercury made her prepared to give such a hard statements.venus is in Rahu-Ketu axis.mercury is afflicted in the navamsa.
Now she is under moon-sun-sat.I am not sure about her seat in Loksabha.
But one thing i will predict that she WILL BE INDUCTED IN THE NEXT CABINET AFTER 24TH JULY MIGHT BE THAT OF ANY COALITION, WHEN she will be in the dasha of Mars which is in very maevellous ''Rajyoga''.and her next seven years will be best for her.
{some thing more{part-2} will be written about her in next posts}.

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