Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Career of your child after 10+2:counselling through Astrology

The results of ICSE,CBSE boards has been declared.U.P board is going to declare it,s result on 31st may.yesterday results of entrance examination of IITs has been declared.who got selected will be called lucky who has not, they can make it their prestige issue to get cleared the test next time few would have been doing it since years.i only want to say that the guardians should access the inclination of his child,in which field he/she is suitable.an astrologer can advice much better.
View my this article which i have pasted here,was published in ''Dainik jagran'' on 24th march 2008.
Astrology gives enough clues.
Three houses plays the major roles,which are first of all fifth house then fourth house,and then second house.the second house is of learning,memory .if this house is weak then the student will not be able to express his views.it is the house of beginning of learning at family.fourth house is the house which tells that which type of education a child is going to get.and last one is fifth ,the most important house.the house of knowledge.
Planets regarding education is JUPITER and MERCURY.the jupiter is significator of maturity and wisdom.jupiter is neutral to mercury but mercury happens to be the enemy of jupiter.Mercury signifies nervous system,academic discipline,rationality,logic and intellect.it is enemy to moon.moon should also be considered because moon the mind..mind is opposed to reasoning and intellect.
After this we should stress upon the dasha operating.because despite all favourable planets related to these house can not give any thing unless the favorable dasha is not operating.
Now see a simple formula.see the fifth house and the fifth lord and planetary influences on them.then concentrate on the nakshhatra of the fifth lord.then see the fifth lord from mercury.which planet is influencing much then consider it as,subjects related to this is going to be the future of one,s child.
I have given the list in my article.but once again i repeat it
*SUN-statistics,mathematics,physics,pol science and aayurvedic medicine.
*MOON-chemistry,biochemistry,environmental science,environmental science.
*MARS-mechanical work,science,engineering,logic.
*MERCURY-accountancy,public relations,journalism.
*JUPITER-management{MBAs},banking,commerce,philosophy,biology.and if with ketu then zoology.
*VENUS-sociology,computers,animation,fashion designing,hotel management,photography.
*RAHU-avionics,environmental science,,pilot,air hostess,psychology
*KETU-languages,computer language,meteorology,microbiology if associated with jupiter.
This is formulae.before with out guidance of a good,learned astrologer it should be handled very carefully.

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