Friday, May 8, 2009

Divorce:A case study of Delhi through eyes of astrology

''By all means, marry.If you get a good wife, you,ll become happy;if you get a bad one, you,ll become a philosopher'' -SOCRATES,
''Do not marry a man to reform him.That is what reform schools are for''-MAE WEST,
In today,s Indian societies most of marriages are solemnised by the the boys and girls on it,s doubt this is a sign of progressiveness.every progressive person should support this.
But have you ever counted the success rates of these marriages.I tried my best to know the consequences of these marriages.although i was aware of the data's of us.
But from few sources i came to know the data of divorce is horrible.
Why this is going on .because of adultery,extramarital relationships.attractions between two sexes at workplace is the main cause behind this.this attraction tends to acquaintance and then premarital or post marital affairs in the modern educated society of ours.
Here is example of a woman of thirty seven years old of Delhi who is a renowned electronic media personality all most daily seen on TV.
I am not going to reveal her name because i have promised her when she consulted me.
I have worked a lot on marriages,time of marriage,timing of love affair,breakups, and post marital relationships and premarital as well.
Now view this horoscope of that news reader:
she was married in the dasha of JUP-MARS-see jupiter is in seventh house being seventh lord,in navamsa this jupiter once again is in the seventh house but in the axis of rahu and ketu.mars is the seventh lord of navamsa.
Due to much tensions in their marital life they separated in 2005. and a divorce petition is filed in the court to seek divorce.
Wife,s allegation is that husband torture her.husband,s allegations are some what the same as is expected in this male dominated society that she has betrayed her and is adulterous.
there are many combinations of adulterous spouse and of spouse having extramarital affair.but i am confined here only up to divorce.
there is no classical combination in astrology for divorce.the separation term is used there.
Four points should be noticed for analysing divorce.
1.the sixth house.2.the eleventh house,because this is sixth from is seen that generally the darakarak in such cases of separations are either jupiter or mars 4.venus is certainly afflicted.
view this horoscope.when they separated dasha was -SAT-MARS.saturn aspects the sixth house and mars is the sixth lord.mars is eleventh lord also.jupiter is darakarak here,and venus is afflicted with rahu and and worst is it is in the eighth house.
Now question arises whether women is adulterous or husband is lumpen .i am not going to reveal it that what i saw in her horoscope.but she going to get divorce very soon.
The all miseries should be seen through trisamsa.the morality and Chastity of a woman can be seen from the lagna,fourth,fifth and ninth house of trisamsa.

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