Thursday, May 14, 2009

Varun Gandhi:whole episode was predicted on 16th february

Today the Supreme court ordered the UP Government to revoke the NSA act from BJP fire brand leader Varun this the matter of analysis for politicians,not astrologers like me.

But i would like to recall the viewers that probably i was the only astrologer to predict any thing about Varun gandhi very before about the whole event took place,on 16th feb 2009 in the hindi Daily ''Dainik jagran''.which I HAD POSTED ON THIS BLOG ON THE VERY DAY MEANS ON 16TH FEBRUARY.

When I had predicted about Varun Gandhi many of us were even unaware of his personality.i had predicted that he will be popular and will come in to focus{varun charcha me aayenge aur mash hoor honge} with the the title-''Guru{brihaspati} kad ooncha karegaa Varun gandhi ka''.

There were enough reasons to predict this when i came to know that Varun,s ticket from BJP has been finalised on 11th of november then i just wanted to read his chart.i decided to write what i saw in his chart. i saw that his horoscope has enough strength for being a great politician.and the yogas in his kundali was rare.when i wrote this article he was running under dasha of RAHU-MOON.Rahu is in 11th house of fame and the moon was the tenth lord in the fourth house of ''simhasan''.then after it was mars antar to be operated since 19th april.

This mars is in the 11th house of fame once again with rahu and jupiter forming a great ''Rajyoga''. these both planets whom dasha and antar was going to operate was in the eleventh house aspecting the fifth house a very important house for a politician.this mars antar will last till 07th of may 2010. and then after Jupiter antar dasha will start which will prove better for Varun to be a great and even manoeuvring politician.his opponents should remember that he is not going to fade in near future....BE WARE...

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