Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Differences in BJP:split wide open,but BJP is not going to finish at all

On 10Th of May Sri Jaswant Singh, one of the suave personality of BJP put his views on the party forum which became public. As it is said that he sought explanations from the leadership that why the leaders responsible for the defeat of BJP has been awarded by providing them important posts in spite of punishing them.
At 13Th may another leader Sri Yashvant sinha cooperatively a low profile leader resigned from all the posts of the BJP.and ironically Rajnath singh the party chief was teaching the lesions of discipline, when the resignation of Yashvant sinha reached up to him
Astrological analysis:-.
Infighting's in BJP had started from very beginning.
***I HAD PREDICTED ABOUT THESE INFIGHTING IN ‘’dainik jagran’’ on 28Th Dec 2008.which I had posted in my earlier posts of my Blog.Actually basis of my predictions was the antardasha of venues which is in the twelfth house of lagna kundali being twelfth lord which aspects moon of the sixth house {house of differences} which is lord of second house, the hose of ’’ kutumba’’.it indicates the infighting in the party.
These infighting started in the sookshhma dasha of Rahu when first of all Bhairon singh shekhawat raised the voice against party leadership. he created much trouble for the Party.
The chapter was not still closed when Kalyan singh revolted against the party. unlike shekhawat he preferred to quit the party.
After few weak feud between Rajnath and Arun jaitly came on surface.
But all the matters were solved or every one was convinced to maintain the status Quo.Why nothing could materialize. The cause was the exalted lagna lord of navamsa was VENUS itself .in DASHAMSA also this venues was exalted. since mid of April till 10th of june 2009 pratyantar dasha operating was of SUN ,so that nothing worse could take place.
But on the very morning of the 10Th of June pratyantar of MOON started. moon is fast moving planet and shows its impact very soon. Being second lord of lagna kundali this Venus is in the sixth house.
This MOON is debilitated. and aspect of a retrograde MARS is creating a plot of decisive war which is able enough for BJP to get a solution of leadership after loosing much.
The pratyantar of moon will last till 04 September 09.this will prove very troublesome for the party. in transit MARS is aspecting the the DEBILITATED sixth house intensifying the feud ,and it will continuously aspect the sixth house till 16Th of august. in between SATURN transit is in worst position on the natal retrograde Saturn and natal retrograde mars. it indicates no relief till 16Th august.
It appears that BJP may loose much more till 10Th of the September. BUT REMEMBER THAT ‘’BJP’’ IS NOT GOING TO BE FINISHED.
***AFTER 12:34PM AT 22ND JUNE THERE SEEMS A GREATER CHANGE IN ‘’BJP’’ because BJP will be running at that time in the vimshottary dasha of-VEN-MER-MOO-RAHU-RAHU.
BJP will take some hard decisions on or after 22nd it is certain.

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