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Relation of man and woman:Series 1.-SINS IN LOVE:-no more triangular but now it is hexagonal too.

After writing much more on politics i have decided to write on career and on relations of man and woman. But one thing I would like to make clear that I am going to write this randomly means .i am not going to write in a series which starts from love to divorce. Don’t get agonized. I am not going to write a story. I am going to try to tell you all this through ASTROLOGY. This will contain many topics such as DELAYED MARRIAGE CASES, ADULTRY, and PASSION IN LOVE, INFATUATION, SUICIDES AND EVEN MURDER, means all things related to heart.
A News broke on 29th may in Delhi that Priti kapur 26, murdered her mother brutally with her lover Sunny Batra when she was caught red handed on the bed. it is said that she had physical relations with 14 persons. This is not the only instance. There are many stories.
Immorality in our society in my view is not the new thing .the only difference now is that today’s youngsters have more opportunities.
Sorry to sermonize. Now I should be concentrate on a specific woman.

This is the story of a woman of the age fifty one having two children, eldest girl child is of the age of 23.when in a night a person contacted me on my cell phone and asked about frailty of this woman I got stunned for few seconds. Although there was nothing unnatural here. In our Indian Hippocratic society where all these incidents are happening since very beginning. But today due to media this comes now in air. and no doubt opportunities of extra marital affairs are increased today.
Why these things are happening it the matter of sociologists.

Now see this horoscope of this woman of KARKA lagna.when the person asked me about her she was running under the dasha of SAT-JUP-MERC.
In such cases four houses play important roles.
1. FIFTH house:-the house of emotions,sentiments,love and passion,

2. SEVENTH:-the house of marriage,partnership,affairs,characters of the spouse, and the sexual passion.

3.EIGHTH:-house of mangalya for a woman,suddenness,marital life,intruges,disgrace,sins,and scandals and secret affairs. loss of spouse, and mental anguish, breakdown of marriage.

4. TWELVETH:-bed pleasure, breakdown of marriage, mental imbalance.

Now see the planets which play key role here.

1. MOON:-signifies the mind, that includes all the thoughts that come,moods,sentimentsand has nothing to do with intellect,reasoning.this works direct from heart.

2. MERCURY:-this represents the intellect,. It analyze the the things before the act unlike the moon. it likes to be independent and wants dominations over the sentiments.

3. VENUS:-the planet of love and passion.

4. MARS:-provoker and energy giver. it is the fire.

5. RAHU:-Rahu is that force which while driving one to worldly pleasure gives unorthodoxy, unconventionality and also uninhibited and unscrupulous attitudes.

Now see the horoscope of this old woman. what I saw that she was running under the md of SATURN:-the md lord is seventh and eighth lord aspected by fifth lord mars and lagna lord moon.mahadasha lord Saturn is badly afflicted by mars of twelveth house.mars Saturn aspect in my view is not good for the chastity of a navamsa Saturn is aspected by ketu and trisamsa Saturn being 12th lord aspects seventh house.venus in the seventh house is a dangerous signal in trisamsa.
Now see the antar of JUPITER:-jupiter being retrograte in fifth house is aspected by venus.venus is giving sentiments to this woman. mars gives fire here by aspecting the seventh lord Saturn which is already in the sixth house of separation, Venus is also in the 11th house of separation.Rahu aspects the seventh house giving her enough courage to make relation with other person.Rahu signifies for unorthodoxy.Rahu aspects venus but worst condition is that,Rahu also aspects the MERCURY. if mercury is weak a person does not use his/her intellect. And become unable to discriminate between odds and evens. When mercury is afflicted tends to irrational acts in love and passion ruins the life of the person and closed family members. When Venus is in rashi of mars, or there is Venus mars conjuction, venus in the seventh house, or a debilitated Venus give extraordinary sex drive. One thing also when Venus combined with seventh or eighth house or with RAHU or MARS it will intensify sexual desire and attraction towards the opposite sex.
In the case of this woman rahu aspects the Venus.
Mercury represents the the nerves and affliction of mercury or 12th house could mean mental imbalance.
See here ironically MERCURY IT SELF BEING 12TH LORD IS UNDER RAHU KETU AXIS AND ALSO DEBILITATED. Now what an astrologer can say about this typical woman.
Every thing is crystal clear here. if we use above said parameters then we will get that all the five concerned planets,moon,mars,venus,mercury is not only badly afflicted but also related to the houses concerned as,fifth,seventh,eigth,and twelfth.

I gave him prediction that she should be engaged with any Muslim or foreigner person. her husband admitted that he also have heard the same thing, I told him that after being separated from her husband since December 2010 there are much more chances of her to ELUDE him. and may move to any foreign country. his husband agreed with my prediction and said yes she is ready to move……. {Country}.

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