Monday, July 13, 2009

Ailments of Amar Singh:afflicted venus is responsible

Amar singh after the general elections got ill.he is right now in Singapur for his kidney transplant.and he is not in active politics because he is in hospital.
when any one gets ill the dasha is of related to lagna,ownerships of dasha lords of adverse houses,like the 6th,8th, or the 12th in lagna,navamsa,drekkana,dwadashamsha charts.
and many factors are considered such as benifics in the kendras,malefics in the 3rd,6th,11th houses.yogini dashas are also taken in to account.
when he got ill he was running under the dasha of MOO-MARS-SAT.MOON IS IN THE SIXTH HOUSE OF THE NAVAMSA BEING DEBILITATED with the mars.saturn is the sixth lord with the mars in lagna kundali.
"VENUS" represents the the drekkana chart venus is in the sixth house aspected by mars .it shows an operation near the kidney.this very venus is debilitated in the sixth house of "DWDSHAMSHA".
REMEMBER kidney is represented by the sixth house.the transits were also not in his favour.

***THIS ARTICLE IS PUBLISHED TODAY{13-JULY-2009} IN "DAINIK JAGRAN".although this is the article which was pending in the press due to some the other factors of his life through help of astrology.

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