Monday, August 24, 2009

BJP:Two phases of infightings as stars indicate :first till 04th september 09, 2nd till 3rd november 2009.

BJP is in trouble right now. There are infighting's in the Party .and the disputes of the party are being discussed on the tea stalls. The party workers feel shameful to their leaders
Daily a new problem can be read in the news papers. I am not a political analyst .I saw things what the stars tell me.
Astrological analysis:
Since 5Th April 2008 BJP is running under the antardasha of Mercury under Venus mahadasha.Mercury is much more afflicted planet in the horoscope of the party. First of all it is under Rahu ketu axis. Mercury is aspected by the Rahu,Saturn,mars and the Gulika.what more worse one can expect.
Worse is that mars is the sixth lord and Saturn is the eighth lord. Jupiter which aspect the antar dasha nath is retrograde and the gyathi karaka {responsible for the disputes according to jaimini system}.
Since the antardasha of mercury is started the disputes in the party started. But this got momentum when pratyantar of Venus started. And AS I HAD PREDICTED IN DECEMBER 2008 IN “DAINIK JAGRAN” that BJP will face a phase of non stop infightings. and I had also written boldly that Party president RAJNATH SINGH WILL BE BEHIND THIS DISPUTES. Yes only he can not be blamed for this entire episode but what I saw for him was a gain through disputes/.i also had written that his status will increase.
The entire dispute started since the first fortnight of January 2009.when for the first time senior party leader Bhairon singh shekhawat revolted against the party and so called corruptions of Vasundhara raje.
Second problem was raised by Kalyan singh then the pratyantar dashha was of VENUS.
And after that Jaitly issue.
But since 19Th April till 10Th June things went some what smooth because it was the dasha of Sun.
The worst time starts after 10Th June2009:
When the Moon pratyantar starts the Party comes in the trouble. Moon is debilitated in the sixth house of dispute, feud being the lord of the second navamsa the moon is aspected by retrograde Saturn badly placed in the eighth house.
The pratyantar of moon will last till 04Th September 09.but the problem does not seems solved here. because just after the moon pratyantar dasha dasha lasts the Dasha of MARS will start and this dasha will run till 03rd November 09. Moon was aspected by the Venus.both are the female planet.
“Vasundhara and sushma swaraj may create problem for the party till 04th September. These are the two women leaders of the party.

Mars dasha also not favorable for the Party:
Mars is the sixth lord aspected by the mercury the antardasha lord. This Mars is with Rahu,Saturn, and gulika in the house of expression,courage,bravery.
“The final war with in BJP will be fought since 04Th September 09 till 03rd November 2009”.
Since retrograde mars is in the twelfth house with gulika being seventh lord. Many leaders will quit the party or will be expelled.

According to jaimini chara dasha BJP will have its better period since 6Th April 2011.
“But according to vinshottary dasha BJP will regain it’s prestige since April 2012.
Since April 2012 planets will be certainly in favour of BJP.

“The party will be run by one or two persons. And their will be no infighting's because till then the issue of leadership will be solved.”
“Who will run the party-you will read this in next post. But if you will read my older posts you can get a hint”

Thursday, August 20, 2009


After thirty years of integral service to the BJP senior party leader, member of powerful parliamentary board and MP from Dajeeling (West Bengal) Mr. Jaswant Singh -- who held several key portfolios like foreign, defence and finance in NDA government – tomorrow expelled from the party after chintan baithak ( brain-storming session ) of BJP’s top twenty five leaders in Shimala, over Singh’s praise of Jinna and denigration of Sardar Vallabhai Patel in his new book “Jinnah-India, Partition, Independence”.

BJP-- which says it is party with a difference -- now has became party with differences as some BJP leaders including it’s former national president M.Venkaih Naidu had said “ no action was being contemplated against Mr. singh” and outcome is totally different from that.

While BJP is also struggling in Rajasthan over ousting of Vasundhara Raje . Differences in BJP are becoming prominent day-by-day.

I had predicted that due to solar eclipse ‘shrawan Krishna paksha amavasya’ on July 22 “ differences in BJP will resurface”( HINDUSTAN TIMES, LUCKNOW FRIDAY JULY 17, 2009) for astrological analysis view my previous posts and articles of mine in Dainik Jagaran and Hindustan Times.
***View the predictions given for "Dainik Jagran".in this very piece only one prediction went wrong and that was about Manmohan singh whome birth detail was totally incorrect.

Few persons on facebook asked me today that when BJP will get relif- my answer is AFTER APRIL 2012.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

About Margaret Alwa:part-2:A prediction given on april 09 came true

I had predicted about Margret Alwa on 20th april 09,not in any news paper but on my blog.that post is still in my blog.for the election i went wrong only about Manmohan singhji.because i believed in the horoscope which was being used by others.i did what generally don,t.
I first verify the i did for Advaniji,Varunji,Lalji Tandon and many others.about Margaret Alwa also i did the same.i corrected her birth timings and went ahead.
ONE NIGHT IN JULY some one close to a relative of her having a political background congratulated me on phone that my predictions regarding Alwaji came true,and she was appointed as the governer of Uttarakhand.

I had predicted that i was not sure about his victory in Loksabha polls.but she is going to get any prestigious post in or after july 09.and she was appointed as the governer of Uttarakhand.that post of 20th april is still in my blog.
for full prediction readers can go through that.

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