Sunday, August 9, 2009

About Margaret Alwa:part-2:A prediction given on april 09 came true

I had predicted about Margret Alwa on 20th april 09,not in any news paper but on my blog.that post is still in my blog.for the election i went wrong only about Manmohan singhji.because i believed in the horoscope which was being used by others.i did what generally don,t.
I first verify the i did for Advaniji,Varunji,Lalji Tandon and many others.about Margaret Alwa also i did the same.i corrected her birth timings and went ahead.
ONE NIGHT IN JULY some one close to a relative of her having a political background congratulated me on phone that my predictions regarding Alwaji came true,and she was appointed as the governer of Uttarakhand.

I had predicted that i was not sure about his victory in Loksabha polls.but she is going to get any prestigious post in or after july 09.and she was appointed as the governer of Uttarakhand.that post of 20th april is still in my blog.
for full prediction readers can go through that.

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