Sunday, September 6, 2009

Man Women Relation-series 3{4}:-"The Second marriage"

Man Woman relations:-Series 3{4}:The “Second marriage”.
“There is no subject on which more dangerous nonsense is talked and thought than marriage”.-George Bernard Shaw
As it is said that marriages are made in haven. But one thing is clear that. How much one’s spouse will survive only God knows? Yes, after the death of the spouse has the person to marry again.
Or some times person marries to second one or have had more than one spouse due to immorality. This all can be understood by the Astrology.
There has been given indications in classical books of astrology about the multiple marriage but according to space, time, causality we can modify the theories but only up to the some extant. Such as we can use car at the place of horse, not more than this.
Jatak tatwa gives much clues. And I have used the same for this article which was published on 31 st auguste in”DAINIK JAGRAN” .on the same day “HINDUSTAN TIMES” had published about my predictions which came correct about the “BJP”.
Now see the few rules:-
*The interrelation of the 2nd,7th,and 11th gives indications of marriages more than one.
*When the seventh house is much more afflicted then there are larger possibilities of multiple marriages.but venus should be very strong.
*dual signs on the 1st and 7th axis and venus.
*same thing for the navamsa should also be applicable.
For the hindi readers this is enough.they can view the whole article for understanding this properly.
***This series will continue.this was the fourth part of man-woman relation.
5…………………………………….in the next post.

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