Friday, October 30, 2009

Four marriages of Salman Rushdie:an astrological explanation-Man woman series-6

Salman Rushdie married four women.his last spouse was Padma lakshmi.before this three were
1.Clarissa Laurd-married in 1976
2.Marianne Wiggins-married in 1988 and divorced in 1993
3.Elizabeth West-1997
4.Padma Lakshmi-2004{since 1997 till 2004 he was single}.


1.during first marriage he was running under dasha of of jup-venus{jupiter in seventh house Venus is the seventh lord}
2.Saturn-mercury{for second marriage ninth house is considered}.in the navamsa saturn is in lagna with the ninth lord.
3.during the third marriage dasha was -Sat-Rahu{11th house signifies for the third marriage-saturn is the 11th lord navamsa Rahu aspects the eleventh house.most important fact is that Rahu is with the Venus-the seventh lord.for the multiple marriages the affliction of Venus is necessary.

4.during his marriage to Padma lakshmi he running under mahadasha of mercury{in the eighth house aspected by the lord of the first house which signifies for the fourth marriage.

Astrological cause:-although the causes of multiple marriages have been discussed in one of the earlier post.but here an short interpretation is necessary.
-second-seventh-eighth connection:-seventh lord Venus in second house with the Rahu.
-lagna-seventh in movable signs.
-afflicted seventh house.
-ninth and fifth house their lords and Jupiter are afflicted resulting unorthodoxy and unconventionality.
-moon is the darakaraka{the karaka of marriage}.

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