Monday, November 2, 2009

BJP will regain it,s lost glory after april 2012:as planets indicate

Although I have predicted the same thing about BJP in my two earlier posts of the blog.but this time it was immanent to publish this because even BJP leaders are not sure about their future. They are getting defeats in every election. Daily a new dispute comes to surface. And even the public also thinks so the party workers are desperate. The media is not taking the party seriously. Party and RSS are too disturbed. Even the relations between BJP and RSS are not too good.

I had predicted that L.K Adwani will not be the next PM very before on 16th June 2008 when the mandate was in the favor of the party. In December 2008 I predicted about the feud when the dispute with in the party had not come on surface.about the infightings with in the party I had predicted even the short periods also. Such as when jaswant singh was expelled I had predicted about this .i had indicated that BJP leadership is going to take some risky decisions.
About Varun Gandhi I had predicted 3 months before that he is going to get political mileage and he will be in news and at that time Varun was not an important figure.
After that BJP lost elections.the feud with in the part had began before the elections and ultimately the party became defeated in the LS elections.


Why BJP reached to such a worst condition. The Vedic astrology has its answer. Since 6 April 2004 till 6 April 2011 BJP is running under the Pisces jaimini chara dasha.the problems for the party began in this period. it lost the elections of the 2004 LS polls. And the saffron party came under trouble from all means. See the chart of Pisces lagna.lagna lord Jupiter is in the sixth house and is the root cause of all the disease or illness of the party showing that till April 2011 the illness of the party is not going to improve. The Jupiter is with mars and Rahu forming guruchandal yoga and angaraka yoga.
“After 6 April 2011 BJP will start to improve it self.since then BJP will be running under Aquarius jaimini chara dasha.aquarius is “uppada it self. putrakaraka Venus is in the fourth house, house of the throne {simhasana}.and this aspects the house of luck. And the most important thing is “amatyakaraka” moon is situated in the tenth house of position, post, between the six year vinshottary dasha of sun will be started since
6 April 2012.

“BJP” will improve itself after 6th April will begin to win the elections. The public will once again trust the party. And after 6th April 2012 BJP will be stronger and stronger. No one can stop the party to come in power once again. It will regain its lost glory.

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