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Kareena kapoor:A worst marital life as the stars indicate:-man woman relations-7

Poets have glorified love and extended it to passion,ecstasy,and the longing to become a martyr for the beloved.” attractions and lust is like a drug. It leaves you just wanting more”. When we are attracted to some one the part of brain which processes emotions is fired up, causing the heart to pound three times faster than normal.
To live up with some one is called a live - in relationship not the marriage. In all caste creed sect and society a person is called married only after some ritual sacraments or by the permission of the courts. But society must give its consent. Today the independent women are called single if she not married. But it is not necessary that they all are following celibacy.
Even in India case of “spinster” has been constantly increasing. The girls are concentrated to their career because they don’t want to be parasite on their husbands. This change is positive signal foe women empowerment but not for the institution like marriage and if there are no marriages there will be no families.

Now I will discuss the chart of BABO.the decision of KAREENA KAPOOR to be in relationship with Saif ali khan a divorcee and a father of two child might have surprised many persons when both publicly announced this and all the speculation regarding this came to surface that day.
In my view this was a case of passion and infatuation. And as planets indicate this relation is not going to be long lasting.


At the age of 22 kareena kapoor for the first time started dating with vivek oberoy.the dasha was of Rahu-Venus.rahu Venus both are in her lagna.this was her first attraction. Mercury is the lagna lord.
***In the dasha of Rahu-venus karina in 2007 came in touch with saif ali khan. And her love story is still successful love story.
Why kareena came in touch with saif a divorcee and 10 years elder than her. I will like to explain this astrologically. For these cases four houses should be read carefully along with four planets. Planets are moon,mercury,Venus and mars. Houses are seventh,fifth,eighth,and twelfth.the interaction between these house make many angles in the case of love.
Many other factors also should be discussed as position and the strength of Venus. And seventh house from lagna,moon,mercury in lagna and navamsa both the chart.

In the case of karina fifth lord is mars aspecting and ruining the seventh house of marriage.seventh hose is badly afflicted.eigth lord is Saturn itself which is combust.12th lord mercury is afflicted by if we talk about the planets then moon is in the axis of keru rahu and aspected by mars. Venus afflicted by rahu ketu,mars asdpects 7th house. And same thing about the navamsa the condition is worsened.
Now if we see the chart as remaining she as a single woman all the formula applies here.
As seventh lord from lagna,moon,venus is badly afflicted
See also the trisamsa kundaliit is also badly afflicted.after July 2013 she will run under a dasha of transition. her life will completely change after july 2013.

In near future there are no chances of her marriage. If she gets married this will be an unsuccessful marriage. She has no marital happiness as her chart indicates.
Second part of the story will include saif also. Here are few main points of his chart.
1. He married amrita Singh in 1991 and divorced her in 2004.and he came in touch with kareena in 2007.

next post on MAN WOMAN RELATION PART 8 will be published soon.

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