Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mayawawti :victory was already predicted in "HINDUSTAN TIMES"

She is the winner ultimately.
Today BSP won nine out of eleven assembly seats in Uttar pradesh. BSP Supremo Mayawati once again proved herself as a victory woman despite all the speculations by the media and opposition parties.and the aura of Mulayam singh did not work.Mulayam lost his own assembly seat"Bharthana" and the LS seat of his son Akhilesh.on the eve of solar eclipse i had predicted that Mulayam singh had good fortune only for few months.

I had predicted in "HINDUSTAN TIMES" on 23rd July 2009 that"Time is auspicious for Mayawati and her status will not come down...."{see the box of the article}.the prediction came exactly true.although she is facing few cases in the courts but a politician is better judged in the court of public.and she is not able to be defeated there.
Now i had come to the conclusion that i use the correct data of Mayawati.because i used the same data and gave the correct prediction about Mayawati and BSP in LS polls.


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