Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Politics on Ayodhya once again: - till 30th dec 09 dates are not sensitive for communal harmony of the country-was already predicted

Once again the politics of religion.politicians do not miss a chance to use even the odds in their favour.two days before the Librahan commission report was leaked in "Indian express" deliberately.the common man will never know who was behind this.because any one may be.person may be from the treasury benches,may be from opposition.but now there will be debate only on "babari maszid demolition".price hikes issue,sugarcane price issue will be no issue because these issues contributes less votes.the Congress wanted to deviate the attention from the problems of common man.and the BJP was with out any job.L.k Adwani was about to go.now he is seeing a ray of hope of his revival.kalyan singh,mulayam singh also seeing a ray of hope.
The state governments are unnecessary tightening the the security.may this move be only to make this issue living.i do remember the 6th december 1992.and will never forget that day.All the politicians would like to take a mileage.

I had coincidently predicted in facebook on 21st november
-" ASTROLOGICAL PREDICTION:-Till 30th dec 2009 the days are sensitive regarding communal harmony of the country.we all must be sincere because Mars the fiery planet directly aspect the jupiter since 05th october till 30th december.
Basis of my prediction:-India is running under Sun mahadasha,antardasha and since 17th november country is running under the pratyantardasha of mercury.in the third house mercury is afflicted with Saturn.these are not so worse situation but the transiting debilitated mars aspects the mercury.in the transit mars aspects jupiter and jupiter aspects the mars.means a mutual aspect.jupiter signifies religion,sects.and mars signifies disputes fight, power,riots etc.and worst is that mars is debilitated in cancer till 26th may but jupiter will change it,s sign on 30th dec 2009.means problem is merely till 30th december.

The afflicted mercury and in transit the aspect of saturn over the natal mars can make the situation some what agonizing.
Since 2nd of december 09 till 9th december 09 dates are more sensitive because country will be running under ketu pratyantardasha.
But the politicians will not get much mileage.yes there are some what chances of disturbance regarding the communal harmony.

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