Monday, November 23, 2009

Shilpa shetty:A happy marital life-as planets indicate-Man woman Relation series part 8

Despite ill health i had to write this article due to some reasons.
Shilpa shetty married to Raj kundra on 22nd november 2009 ,yesterday.i knew her date of birth but was unaware of her timing of birth.i wanted to predict about her marriage.but i was not aware of her birth timings.i had enough reasons to trust on the circulated birth date because her mother is said to be an astrologer.
To correct the birth detail of any person the date of his/her marriage is a good tool.for this i applied transits of saturn ,jupiter and transit of jupiter on "vivaah saham",a sensitive point on which transit of jupiter shows a indication of marriage.i got the taurus as her lagna.then i applied five level vimshottary dasha and used two conditional dashas as "shatabdika" and "shshtihayani" dasha.
She is running under the vimshhottary dasha of RAHU-VENU-JUPITER.and in the Shashtihayani dasha she is running under VEN-VEN.In "shadabdika" dasha she is running under MARS-SAT.
In vimshottary Rahu is in the seventh house.venus is lagna lord.and the pratyantardasha lord Jupiter aspects the seventh shadabdika dasha mars is the seventh lord and saturn is in the lagna of shashtihayani dasha not to explain this is VEN-VEN.venus is lagna lord.

In transit jupiter was aspecting lagna , lagna lord venus moon sun.mars was aspecting the natal venus.saturn was aspecting the seventh house in transit.

Predictions:-planets indicate that she will have a good marital life.after Rahu dasha she will be running under the jupiter dasha.which is with his seventh lord.and this jupiter also aspects her seventh house protecting her marital life and giving prosperity being in a "raajyoga".

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