Monday, November 9, 2009

Yeddyurappa:now only thorns in the throne as the planets indicate

Karnataka C.M now has no more "Rajyoga".He has only to face troubles to survive as C.M.Since,18th October 2009 his stars are not in his favour.And i don't see any satisfactory improvement in this regard.Although he has survived as C.M of karnataka state.

He is running under the vimshottary dasha of SUN-SAT since 10th of october which will last till 30th September 2010.And since December 2012 HE HAS NO "RAJYOGA".It means he has a career as C.M merely till 2012.Now question arises when he will have to leave the chair -though unwillingly.
Saturn is aspected by eighth lord moon debilitated and also gyatikaraka.Eighth house is HOUSE OF CONSPIRACY,INTRIGUES.He is a victim of CORPORATE CONSPIRACY.He is, no doubt a good, efficient and competent leader.

In chara dasha he is running under dasha of PIS-SCO.Scorpio in which gyatikaraka is situated.And from there there is RAHU in the tenth house.and the tenth lord is under RAHU-KETU AXIS.

In the horoscope of Yeddyurappa a conditional dasha Dwisaptaptisama dasha is also applied.According to this he is running under the SUN-MARS Dwisaptaptisama dasha since Nov 06 2008 till 22nd December 2009.

"After 05th may 2010 he is going to face the same problem once again.This was to happen because he has no permanent "satta sukh" despite being a honest and down to earth person.




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