Monday, December 28, 2009

NEW YEAR PREDICTIONS:-6 -my astrological predictions for "Dainik jagran" published today on 28th december 2009

Predictions published on:-
2.Sonia gandhi
3.L k Adwani
4.Mulayam singh yadav
6.Amar singh
8.Arun jaitly
9.Sushma swaraj
10.Varun gandhi


Few financial institutions will announce bankruptcy

Since starting of the year till the month of june 2010 there will be dissatisfaction among the employees especially related to the postal,railway departments.this time phase will basically be known for the strikes.
the time phase between 20th june till september 10 can be called worst for the economy of the country.
few financial institutions will announce bankruptcy
There are stronger possibility of a major change in the cabinet and there will be a greater change in the government.

After 2nd november time is too tough

For the country the time phase after 2nd november is too tough.there may may be mass tragedies including epidemics.this period is very unfavourable also for the communal harmony of the country.
Any scam will come on surface and this will shake the nation.many great politicians and officers will be trapped in this scam.
The time phase after 2nd november can not be said good any how.because the level of immorality will increase.the youngsters will not follow the customs.they will be more unconformist

Since 25th january till 12th march there is no good news for Congress.this is is the period of indiscipline and change.thisis unfavourable time for the congress party.
Since 12th march till 31st october time for congress is best in many ways.
Since 27th auguste till october 31st time for congress is not good.But since 31st october the good times of congress seems over .after 31st october bad timings will start.the leaders and voters belonging to the lower and backward caste will not like congress for few reasons as they like the party today.conclusion is:-After 31st october there is very unfavourable time for Congress party.


Sonia Gandhi:-

After 29th auguste the time for Sonia gandhi is not favourable.this prediction is for her individually.

L k adwani

Very favourable time but merely till 15th april 2010.after that the time phase of Adwani is very humiliating.he will again be in the controversies.
he will retire from politics after a humiliating phase.

Mulayam singh yadav:-

After many years i see a very good and favourable time phase for mulayam.he will again prove himself a courageous leader.he will prove his gits this year.

For Amar singh bad time has started.
Rahul gandhi should be cautious about his security.

If there is any threat from terrorists to Varun gandhi.he should take this seriously.he has rajyogaas in his chart.i see his future very bright after april 20190.

Friday, December 25, 2009

NEW YEAR PREDICTIONS:- 5 - N D Tiwari:- Allegations of immorality against a prominent Congress leader was predicted on july 17th 2009.

Just like his government, Andhra Pradesh Governor N D Tiwari is also in the eye of a storm. An expose allegedly showing Tiwari in a compromising position with girls at Raj Bhavan has raised a stink, with opposition parties demanding he be immediately sacked.

Women groups are now demanding Governor Narayan Dutt Tiwari's ouster from Raj Bhavan in Hyderabad. This after a private Telugu channel aired photographs that allegedly showed Tiwari in a compromising position with several girls, who the channel claimed worked at Raj Bhavan.

View the article attached with this post.the article was published on 17th july 2009 in english daily "HINDUSTAN TIMES".in which i had given predictions regarding the impact of solar eclipse on political parties.

View the fifth paragraph of the article in which i had predicted that:-

"There are strong possibility of allegations of immorality being leveled against a prominent leader of Congress."

If any astrologer will see the fifth house of the congress party and will see the impact of july 22nd he can understand meanings and cause of this predictions.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

NEW YEAR PREDICTIONS - 4 :-Jharkhand:-BJP - 18,CONGRESS - 14:-BJP will secure more than CONGRESS was predicted on 26th october:-

Yesterday the results of jharkhand assembly elections is declared .BJP got 18 seats and congress won on 14 seats.i had predicted this vey before that BJP will gain more seats than CONGRESS.


The stars of "Bhartiya janata party" is not in her favour.recently the results of assembly elections were not in the favour of BJP.before this she lost the LS polls.political analysts have started to say that bjp has no future.but an astrologer should not be influenced by the poll surveys.when astrologers start to be influenced by the trends shown by the channels their predictions get failed.and any astrologer should also not use unverified datas as i used for PM Manmohan singhji who himself does not know his even correct date of birth as he himself admits.and i went wrong.
But i never went wrong about BJP.I have been predicting for the party since three years might be that for party it self or it,s leaders like Adwaniji,Rajnath singh and Varun gandhi.i predicted about the infighting in the party very before on the 29Th December 2008.before this i had predicted for Adwaniji not going to be the next p.m very before on 16Th June 2008in "Dainik jagran"and Varun gandhi.

After that i also predicted that when the party is going to retain it,s lost glory and status-this post is still available in the blog.{a detailed view regarding this will be published very soon once again}.

When the counting for jharkhand will take place BJP will be running under the pratyantardasha of RAHU.the dispositor of the rahu sun is in the tenth hose.and in navamsa sun is the fourth lord of thorne{simhasan} situated in the ninth house of luck and also an important house for political navamsa RAHU is in the lagna and it,s dispositor Venus being exalted is situated in the eleventh house of gain aspecting the fifth house of ministership.then an astrologer will have no doubt i predicting the success.


The results of the JHARKHAND state assembly elections will be declared on 23rd December as per schedules of the election commission of India.although troubles of the BJP will continue.But in Jharkhand the party will perform well.yes what about the party if talk another issues like new leadership,feud in the party etc will be discussed later on.

Posted by sushil kumaar singh at 10:37 PM

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NEW YEAR PREDICTIONS:-3 -Asharam Bapu:-bad timings of disputed Godman not going to end-as planets indicate

The Supreme Court on 17TH December declined to grant any relief to Gujarat's spiritual leader Asaram Bapu, who sought a restraint on the state police from arresting him in an attempt to murder case.The criminal case under Section 307 IPC and 25 of the Arms Act was registered against Asaram Bapu and two others for allegedly attempting to murder Raju Chandak, a former follower of the religious guru.

The FIR was lodged following an attack on Chandak who was shot at by two unidentified persons in Ramnagar locality of Sabarmati on December five.Chandak had testified against Asaram before the D K Trivedi Commission probing the mysterious death of two ashram boys Dipesh and Abhishek Vaghela.

Asaram Bapu has alleged he is being falsely implicated as he was delivering a religious discourse in New Delhi at the time of the alleged attack. Asaram, who commands a large following in the country, and his followers have courted controversies in the past.

In July 2008, two students in his ashram in Ahmedabad were found dead in mysterious circumstances. Following the incident and certain allegations against the ashram, Asaram's followers went on a rampage after angry locals beat them up.

His disciples have also been accused of land grabbing in Surat.

Late last month, nearly 200 followers of the religious guru were arrested for allegedly pelting stones and injuring policemen during a rally.Religious guru Asaram Bapu, who is facing charges of attempt to murder and criminal conspiracy after one of his followers lodged a complaint, would be interrogated if the need arises, Gujarat Director General of Police S S Khandwawala said yesterday.

I have read about many Babas but this Baba is rare in many sense.there were many disputed Godmen before like Dhiredra brahmachari,Chandra Swami,and Osho Rajnish.but no one was so popular in Indian educated middle class.there seems a great attraction in him and the croud around him proves his popularity.
But as a citizen of India i like only one baba and that is "Baba Ramdeo".

As astrologer chart of every baba is same to me.i predict what i see in the chart.and the prediction depends upon my knowledge,concentration and the authenticity of the chart-the birth details.


-Till 26th february 2009 his problems are going to increase day by day.

-Before february 2011 he will not be acquitted of the charges against him{using
shatabdika dasha}.

-since 22nddecember till 29th december he may face many problems.although his few planets are too strong to overcome his problems.but dashas and transits are not in his favour. every one have had to face what has been written by the bramha on his forehead according to his "prarabdha".

Birth details as i found

Asharam bapu

DOB:-17TH APRIL 1941
TOB:-12:00 NOON

Sunday, December 20, 2009

NEW YEAR PREDICTIONS:-2 -Transit of jupiter in Aquarius{kumbh} ON 20TH DEC 09:-Impact on Indian politics

Jupiter transited in Aquarius from Capricorn,s impact on various celebrities is as follows.

-Sonia Gandhi:-

This jupiter will transit in her eighth capricorn this was able to provide better results than this is going to give in aquarius.

Ironically he will be more stronger than before despite loosing the post of leader of i had predicted that he will never be the P.M but as compared to the the phase before yesterday he is going to be in better position.his jupiter will be in his tenth house

Arjun Singh:-

Comparatively this will be better for him.jupiter will transit in his ninth house.

Murali manohar joshi:-

This period will be very good as compared to his before bad timings.heis running under sadhesati this jupiter will aspect the moon and will protect him from the ill effects of the sadhesati.

Rajnath Singh:-

Fourth house signifies "chair".yesterday he was replaced by new year and ironically few hours later the jupiter left his fifth house.but his status will not be down as still jupiter aspects fourth lord and is in the fifth house.

Rahul Gandhi:-

Jupiter will transit over the lagna and the Rahu situated in the lagna.his dasha sice 23th january can not be called favourable.

Varun Gandhi:-

Comparing to earlier time ohase this jupiter will be unfavourable to him.he may face troubles from couts.still jupiter was protecting him.

Lalu prasad yadav

His stars seems fading now.this jupiter is not going to help him.

Sushma Swaraj:-

Jupiter of capricorn gave him chair.she replaced Adwani but ironicaly since the second day the jupiter will give reverse impact.Adwani will be in better position but Sushma Swaraj will face troubles.

Arun Jaitly:-

For Arun Jaitly this phase will be better.

Mulayam Singh:-

This phase will better for Mulayam singh yadav.specially he will get relief from courts.


This jupiter is not going to help her.i repeat this.because transit of jupiter is the very important clue regarding decission of the courts.

Amar Singh:-

Transit of jupiter will be proved better otherwise he is running under troublesome dashas as i have predicted earlier.

Friday, December 18, 2009

NEW YEAR PREDICTIONS-:1 Sushma Swaraj:Only leader of opposition.not candidate of P.M

I had written about Sushma Swaraj on 13th march 09 in "Dainik jagran".

Today On 18th december Sushma Swaraj is elected as the leadr of opposition of the "BJP"

Today when she was elected as leader of opposition.she was running under dasha of SAT-MER-VEN.Saturn is in the tenth house but with the fourth lord.mercury is the seventh lord.seventh house is house of position.venus is in the lagna.
Saturn is with the moon.and she is running under the "SAADHESATI".
Her tenure will not be so good because due to sadhesati many hurdles will come in her is the mercury the tenthh lord.which has helped her but this mercury is afflicted in lagna and navamsa both charts.
She has a bright future since 2013.

my website on astrology:

War with in the party is not over yet.

Now if one seethe chart of the bjp then it can be easily said that the infighting in the party is not over yet.i had predicted the two stage infighting in the "BJP" in many of my older posts.but if one think that this is final then he is forgetting that "BHISHMA" is still alive although on the chair of thorns.and untill and unless he does not let complete the war.he will not leave the chair.

Lalkrishna Adwani although resigned as leader of opposition but got a new responsibility greater than that.this all seems that the final war is yet to take place.

Whatever i have seen the charts of the important "BJP" leaders as Sushma swaraj,M.M Joshi.Rajnath singh.i see that :-"In the BJP a war is imminent and that will be the final war.and the two main warriors in near future will be Sushma Sushma Swaraj and Rajnath Singh.because horoscope of Rajnath singh also is too stronger".
"this war will be for the postof the candidate of prime minister ship."although there may be many players.but the chart of two strong leaders Murli manohar joshi,Arun jaitly is too weak for the post of prime ministership.

One major change in the party is seen after 6th april 2011.

After this since april 2012 BJP will regain it,s glory and this will come again to power.i have repeated this many times.
In between till april 2010 BJP will be completely changed,completely transformed.


Monday, December 14, 2009

How to pay my charges for astrolological services

I always face the queries-
-what are your charges.
-how should i pay it.
-are the charges different for different type of queries.
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-persons from abroad ask what should they pay and how.

i used to tell them my bank account details and about the western union for persons from abroad.
But many clients used to say that they want to pay through credit cards and paypal then i decided to provide them the facility of paypal also.

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Friday, December 4, 2009


The countdown for new year 2010 has began.i am going to start a new series on new year eve.this series will include about India,USA,Pakistan and other nations as well.and also this will include about the celebrities and the national leaders as well.
if one views my predictions given foe Dainik jagran on new years he/she will observe tht except few most of them came exactly true.specially about BJP every prediction came true.and i used to predict the periods of infighting in the BJP.Abut film star Sanjay datt my all prediction came true.if i talk about politicians my predictions about L.K.Adwani,Rajnath Singh,Mulayam Singh came exactly true.
and the predictions during the general elections came exactly true for every political leader.

I seek suggestions from the readers.they should suggest on whom should i write.

My e mail address:-

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