Monday, December 14, 2009

How to pay my charges for astrolological services

I always face the queries-
-what are your charges.
-how should i pay it.
-are the charges different for different type of queries.
-what are charges for simply one query.
-persons from abroad ask what should they pay and how.

i used to tell them my bank account details and about the western union for persons from abroad.
But many clients used to say that they want to pay through credit cards and paypal then i decided to provide them the facility of paypal also.

Payment OPtions:-

Dosha Report ( INR 750 )
Career Report ( INR 750 )
Going Abroad ( INR 1000 )
Timing of Marriage / matcmaking / Relationship ( INR 1000 )
General Legal, Business, Child Birth 2 Ques. (INR 1000 )
General Legal, Business, Child Birth 5 ques ( INR 2000 )
Life Forecast 1 year ( INR 1000 )
3 Year / Lifetime Prediction Report ( INR 5500 )
Family Prediction ( INR 5500 )
Great Book Of Revealations ( INR 10000 )
To Pay Through Paypal or Credit Card click the payment option on my site: and selct your options

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