Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NEW YEAR PREDICTIONS:-3 -Asharam Bapu:-bad timings of disputed Godman not going to end-as planets indicate

The Supreme Court on 17TH December declined to grant any relief to Gujarat's spiritual leader Asaram Bapu, who sought a restraint on the state police from arresting him in an attempt to murder case.The criminal case under Section 307 IPC and 25 of the Arms Act was registered against Asaram Bapu and two others for allegedly attempting to murder Raju Chandak, a former follower of the religious guru.

The FIR was lodged following an attack on Chandak who was shot at by two unidentified persons in Ramnagar locality of Sabarmati on December five.Chandak had testified against Asaram before the D K Trivedi Commission probing the mysterious death of two ashram boys Dipesh and Abhishek Vaghela.

Asaram Bapu has alleged he is being falsely implicated as he was delivering a religious discourse in New Delhi at the time of the alleged attack. Asaram, who commands a large following in the country, and his followers have courted controversies in the past.

In July 2008, two students in his ashram in Ahmedabad were found dead in mysterious circumstances. Following the incident and certain allegations against the ashram, Asaram's followers went on a rampage after angry locals beat them up.

His disciples have also been accused of land grabbing in Surat.

Late last month, nearly 200 followers of the religious guru were arrested for allegedly pelting stones and injuring policemen during a rally.Religious guru Asaram Bapu, who is facing charges of attempt to murder and criminal conspiracy after one of his followers lodged a complaint, would be interrogated if the need arises, Gujarat Director General of Police S S Khandwawala said yesterday.

I have read about many Babas but this Baba is rare in many sense.there were many disputed Godmen before like Dhiredra brahmachari,Chandra Swami,and Osho Rajnish.but no one was so popular in Indian educated middle class.there seems a great attraction in him and the croud around him proves his popularity.
But as a citizen of India i like only one baba and that is "Baba Ramdeo".

As astrologer chart of every baba is same to me.i predict what i see in the chart.and the prediction depends upon my knowledge,concentration and the authenticity of the chart-the birth details.


-Till 26th february 2009 his problems are going to increase day by day.

-Before february 2011 he will not be acquitted of the charges against him{using
shatabdika dasha}.

-since 22nddecember till 29th december he may face many problems.although his few planets are too strong to overcome his problems.but dashas and transits are not in his favour. every one have had to face what has been written by the bramha on his forehead according to his "prarabdha".

Birth details as i found

Asharam bapu

DOB:-17TH APRIL 1941
TOB:-12:00 NOON


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