Sunday, December 20, 2009

NEW YEAR PREDICTIONS:-2 -Transit of jupiter in Aquarius{kumbh} ON 20TH DEC 09:-Impact on Indian politics

Jupiter transited in Aquarius from Capricorn,s impact on various celebrities is as follows.

-Sonia Gandhi:-

This jupiter will transit in her eighth capricorn this was able to provide better results than this is going to give in aquarius.

Ironically he will be more stronger than before despite loosing the post of leader of i had predicted that he will never be the P.M but as compared to the the phase before yesterday he is going to be in better position.his jupiter will be in his tenth house

Arjun Singh:-

Comparatively this will be better for him.jupiter will transit in his ninth house.

Murali manohar joshi:-

This period will be very good as compared to his before bad timings.heis running under sadhesati this jupiter will aspect the moon and will protect him from the ill effects of the sadhesati.

Rajnath Singh:-

Fourth house signifies "chair".yesterday he was replaced by new year and ironically few hours later the jupiter left his fifth house.but his status will not be down as still jupiter aspects fourth lord and is in the fifth house.

Rahul Gandhi:-

Jupiter will transit over the lagna and the Rahu situated in the lagna.his dasha sice 23th january can not be called favourable.

Varun Gandhi:-

Comparing to earlier time ohase this jupiter will be unfavourable to him.he may face troubles from couts.still jupiter was protecting him.

Lalu prasad yadav

His stars seems fading now.this jupiter is not going to help him.

Sushma Swaraj:-

Jupiter of capricorn gave him chair.she replaced Adwani but ironicaly since the second day the jupiter will give reverse impact.Adwani will be in better position but Sushma Swaraj will face troubles.

Arun Jaitly:-

For Arun Jaitly this phase will be better.

Mulayam Singh:-

This phase will better for Mulayam singh yadav.specially he will get relief from courts.


This jupiter is not going to help her.i repeat this.because transit of jupiter is the very important clue regarding decission of the courts.

Amar Singh:-

Transit of jupiter will be proved better otherwise he is running under troublesome dashas as i have predicted earlier.

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