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Man Woman relation series part 09:-The 33 year aged educated girl {spinster} in relation with a lumpane leader,denying marriage.

This is the story of an educated girl belonging to a district of eastern Uttar pradesh.she is preparing for civil services examinations.she has crossed the age of IAS examination but still she may appear in three examination of state civil services examinations.she is a science graduate.after that she did Law and then MA.she was very intelligent but her horoscope was not promising for Civil servant.she started her preparation since 2000 and still she is preparing.

she left her native district and came to a place where better known for the preparation of examinations.she came with a local leader belonging to another caste {caste in eastern uttar pradesh is still an important institution}who was her neighbour and seven years elder than her. she was infatuated with that person and the person was related to his family .he lured her and she she is not ready to leave that person and the local leader was not ready to live with out her.but they never stayed along with.yes the leader is a frequent visitor.and he calls her daily 10 to fifteen the eyes of society this relation is called as brother sister relation.but this is the only shell over a immoral relation.

when the talks of the girl come she procrastinate to marry.and the person suggests her not to marry by saying-"you must not marry until and unless you get a prestigious job".the parents are in trouble.the man is also not married.the person is very much nearer to the family of the girl.and the girl was in eye of the man since she was 18 the condition has been worsened because the girl is not ready to marry to any one else.and ironically she is not going to accept this immoral relation also.


The girl is of Capricorn {makara} lagna.lgna lord saturn is in the seventh house.seventh lord moon is in the third house aspected by three planets mars,venus and retrograde mercury.mars and venus is on the same degree.and these three planets are aspected by the saturn.her venus is with mars aspected by saturn and surrounded by the sun and positive asspect of the chart is that venus is aspected by the JUPITER.only because of this this lady is not known for any physical relation with any other person than that local leader.

Now come to the navamsa lagna and seventh house is in Rahu ketu axis.lagna and seventh house is in movable signs.seventh lord is saturn is in the sixth house aspected by the mars and venus placed in the 12th house of the girl.mars also aspects the seventh house.

-in the lagna chart venus is debilitated.
Since december 1994 till december 2001 she was running under dasha of ketu.the dispositor of ketu is mars which is with debilitated venus.this ketu is aspected by the mars.
ketu is in the house of chastity and this ketu is afflicted.this lady came in touch with that person when she was eighteen.fifth lord and ninth lord,houses of morality are also badly afflicted and related to the running dasha.

Since december 2001 she came under the venus mahadasha.and she moved to the place where the person managed her to stay for her that he can visit there frequently.

In her chart dwisaptaptisama dasha was also applied.this dasha clearly indicated that this lady will remain spinster.and the cause was-this lady was lured by a person who helped her.and the planetary configurations in the chart never allowed her to listen the suggestions of any one.still there is no change in her behaviour.

in this chart affliction of mercury and moon both representing wisdom and emotions {and venus with mars also played key roles in this story} are badly afflicted and related t

yes a change will come.and that will come in the starting of the sun mahadasha which will run since december 2021.but till then -bahut der ho chuka hogaa.

Why i wrote this article:-

only because, guardians of THE young boys and girls could not blindly faith their children.if both of these would marry or was able to accept their relation then their was no problem but both of them belonging to different caste in a caste ridden society who could never be married developed an unholy relation which had no future except tears....


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