Sunday, January 24, 2010

NEW YEAR PREDICTIONS: 11 - Shard pawar :-Problems till november 2010.

He was appointed Union Minister of Agriculture and of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution on May 28, 2009.then he was running under the vinshottary dasha of SAT-VEN-JUP.saturn fourth lord,jupiter,fifth lord and venus is the seventh lord.seventh house is the house of position.

Since 18th september he is running under the retrograde saturn navamsa and dashamsa this saturn is not in his favour.
the dasha folllowed is of mercury is very badly afflicted in lagna,navamsa,and
dashamsa charts.

his lagna,navamsa and dashamsa all the three charts are of sxcorpio{vrishchika} ascendant{lagna}.mercury is the eighth lord here in all the divisional charts.

After 6th november 2010 he will be running under sun antardasha.before this there seems no relief in his troubles.
in his chart shashtihayani dasha is also which mercury antardasha is running.and after this venus antar will be started.which also does not give any relief to him.
he will face troubles till 20nd march.after this he should be cautious from any intrigues against him.
In general period of SAT-VEN is rarely regarded good.


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