Friday, March 5, 2010

Lalu Prasad Yadav:will lose coming assembly elections in Bihar

Lalu prasad yadav is a great politician.but he has his worst time since few general elections of loksabha his party Rashtriya janta dal got merely 04 seats.many persons asked me whether there is any ray of hope for Lalu.i ignored their query.but now the assembly elections in Bihar is going to held now i should reveal the results astrologically.

What the horoscope i found does not give any better impression for Laluji.when the last assembly elections were held in Bihar Lalu had entered in MOON vinshottary mahadasha.when the results were declared he was running under MOO-MOO dasha.moon being fourth lord is in fourth house but with the navamsa this moon is again afflicted with malefics like RAHU-KETU.

When the loksabha elections results were declared Lalu prasad had entered under Saturn antardasha of MOON mahadasha.and unfortunately this will run till the election results of assembly elections will be declared in Bihar.the Saturn in navamsa is in very bad situation with the eighth lord mercury in fourth house aspected by rahu.

Lalu prasad yadav is not going to achieve better position in Bihar.

Then who will come in power in Bihar... next post.

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