Monday, April 26, 2010

Problems India going to face - 1.till 26th may 2. till 27th september.

I am attaching my astrological article published in Dainik jagran today - 26th april.
India is facing many problems right now.the problems related to financial irregularities,scams,corruption will continue till 26th may.after this time period another phase will start since 28th june and will continue till 27th september and this time phase will harm the country much.the time phase till 27th september may not be called good in any sense.the allegations on the fake - pseudo saints also were imposed due to these adverse planetary positions and which tarnished he image of the country.many economic troubles India is going to face which the country never faced before.

I have the chart of Lalit modi.but i was not allowed to speak to media about him.this IPL issue will create many troubles which govrnment will have to face.all my predictions about Lalit was limited to few prsons and came true ysterday.and yet to be true because i have done few more predictions persons relatd to IPL.

Government should be very carefull

The government should be very carefull since 26th june till 27th september.because country is going to face a lot of problems in this time phase and people will remember these three months.many corruptions,scams will come to surface.any bank may announce it self corrupt as i had predicted on 28th december in Dainik jagran for the new year 2010.government must be carefulll regarding the security of the nation by all means.i repeat that these three months are worst for the country.

Women on front page of news papers till 26th june

the time till 26th june is not good for the businessmen,hotel related persons,share holders etc.women will always be in news-on first page for wrong doings{cause}.recentally here were Sunanda pushkar,supriya sule,purna patel.many new will be heared till 26th june.and they may create trouble for the government.

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