Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shekhawat is no more :"Death of a notable person till 28th june" was my prediction for Hindustan times

On 6th may i had given many predictions for HINDUSTAN important prediction which came true was -

-Death of a notable person till june 28 can not be ruled out.this was in the sixth paragraph of the story published as heading:Stars signal tough times ahead.[former vice president Bhairon singh shekhawat passes away today].

-one thing more to say that till 28th june one more personality who will be greater than Bhairon shingh shekhawat may pass away.

i have predicted many thing on 6th may.this is the first thing which came true even with in the two weak.there are many other predictions given for HT on 6th may .i will remind the readers when they will come true.

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