Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chelsea Clinton,s marrige - not a long lasting relationship,as her Stars foretell

The daughter of former US president Bill clinton is going to be married today.she is much popular in India too because of her visit with the president clinton during the end of his tenure.

If i talk about the strength of the horoscope of Chelsea i will say this is more powerful chart.she is a confident woman.but if i discuss the marital life then sorry to say that her stars does not favour her much. her lagna lord is in the sixth house though exalted.and also vargotta.
-Venus is lagna lord and Saturn is darakarak here. Saturn aspects the venus.Venus is exalted,and vargottam,lagna lord very powerfull.
-moon – tenth lord in the tenth in case of predicting marriage of woman fourth house and tenth house also plays very important few conditional dashas fourth house and tenth house along with second house is important for plays important role in predicting the marriage.
-Seventh lord retrograde mars in a very bad situation,in Rahu ketu axis.with the lord of house of separation as Jupiter the lord of sixth house and sun the lord of eleventh house in fifth aspecting the eleventh house the house of separation.
In the country like US separation, adultery etc are the common issues.but chelsea,s fate is not as of Hillary Clinton because she could saved her marital life despite the adulterous husband Clinton.
Chelsea ,s marital life has not good future.a separation between her and her husband is seen in her horoscope.because the planets and planetary combination responsible for separation are also too strong here.this could not be avoided.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Nitish Kumar - Stars in his favour during Bihar assembly elections 2010

Elections to the Bihar legislative assembly are scheduled for October-November and twice-elected Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's political opponents are trying to tarnish his reputation by highlighting the that the state government is neck-deep in a scandal involving evasion of taxes on liquor that has led to revenue losses worth Rs 500 crore. Now they have come up with another story about Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, s alleged involvement in an Rs.11, 412 crore scam. this is so called biggest-ever scam in Bihar revealed by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report that resulted the ordering of a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe by the Patna High Court,” Khan. “Nitish Kumar’s image received a major setback. He is now a chief minister with corruption charges.
Astrological analysis – He is right now running in Mars –ketu vimshottary dasha phase since 12th may 2010.if one concentrates on all the happenings then he will come to know that all the problems started from ketu antardasha.see what the classical texts say about ketu in the third house of ones horoscope. Here lord or depositor of ketu is Sun which is in Rahu Ketu axis also with Jupiter and Mercury in the ninth house of morality. This ketu some what affected the honest image of the great leader.
Current astrological analysis – As of now Nitish kumar is running in the dasha phase of MARS-KETU-RAHU.This may be called as the toughest time and pratyantar dasha for Nitish kumar.
Planets are in the favour of Nitish during elections –
When elections will be held in Bihar Nitish kumar will be running in the Venus antardasha in Mars vimshottary mahadasha.Nitish kumar has an exalted Venus in the lagna chart and in the dashamsa chart as well. Most importantly in both charts exalted Venus is in the tenth house. In the lagna chart Mars and Venus is combined. Venus is tenth lord here. I don’t know that what nitish kumar is going to get with these favourable planetary positions and dashas but he has a good time for being in power for a long time..Nitish kumar has long lasting rajyogas (a combination of good planetary positions).
I can not say that by which party or alliance he will be supported by NDA or UPA.planets indicate that he will be in power.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mars Saturn conjunction in transit for 45 days - Impact on politicians part 1.

The planet Mars has entered in Virgo today with Saturn which is already there.this means since today till 6th September.

Mars is a planet of energy, aggressiveness, anger, conflicts, dispute, and agitation. Whereas, Saturn is the planet of suffering, trouble, delays, obstacles and obstructions 2010 we will be in the ill effect of mars and this combination generally never considered good.except few exceptions this combination is always bad or worst.if any individual has such combination in his chart certainly he will face troubles regarding those houses where this combination placed.and when this comes in the transit on that very natal point where both these malefic are already situated then the situation gets worsen.



"BLOOD RELATED DISEASE,BORDER DISPUTE,ECONOMIC CRISIS WILL ALSO BE SEEN (i have already predicted this for Hindustan Times earlier).

Now i,ll discuss some prominent horoscopes.

1.Bhartiya janta party (BJP) -

Comperatively good time for "BJP":-
The transit will not be good but give much relief to BJP because Mars left today the leo sign and entered in the virgo..and in the gemini lagna of BJP Saturn was on natal saturn for two and half years when this was in leo.and one can easily analyse that how much Saturn of leo harmed "BJP" if we see the effect of the transits.because dasha of BJP was already not good.

Now not dasha wise but transit wise BJP will be in i predicted earlier that "BJP" WILL HAVE IT,S GOOD TIME AND "CONGRESS WILL HAVE IT,S BAD TIMINGS NOW FOR SOME SOME LONG TIME.means in next election the scenerio may be completely changed.

About BJP i have already predicted every thing and every thing about BJP predicted by me exactly true even about the infights and feud in the party.

In my one of the post i have given the dates of the survival of the party.and in one news paper i have predicted about the BJP gaining it,s lost glory.

this was the first part of the effect of Mars and Saturn conjuction in the transition.if i think this is necessary i ,ll write about the impact of this transition on few more politicians,celebrities or the poltical parties.

About others in next post.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

'Psychic octopus paul does not predicts but chooses the stronger among few teams in world cup

The predictions of Octopus Paul:-

'Psychic' Paul went straight to the German container
A "psychic" octopus is said by its aquarium owners to have predicted the country's football team will knock England out of the World Cup.
When consulted, Paul the octopus chose a mussel from a jar with the German flag on it ahead of one in a similar jar bearing the cross of St George.
The two-year-old cephalopod has a record of predicting past German results in this manner, his owners say.
Paul has so far correctly predicted all of Germany's results in South Africa.
His keepers say he correctly predicted nearly 70% of Germany's results during the 2008 European Championship.
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Paul's prediction was phenomenal
Tanja Munzig Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium
In that contest, Germany finished as runners-up in their qualifying group, having lost only once to Croatia.
They then progressed to the final, where they were beaten by Spain.
If keepers at the Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium are right, he correctly predicted the outcome of four of the six games in that competition.
National celebrity

The octopus, which was born in the UK and was moved to the German aquarium, has become a national celebrity after correctly predicting Germany would beat Australia in their opening match, then lose to Serbia, and then beat Ghana.
His latest prediction was flashed all over the German media.
The container that Paul opens first is said to be his pick for who will win the impending match, keepers say.
Germany finished the initial stage of the World Cup top of Group D, and face England, the runners-up from group C, in Bloemfontein on Sunday.

This is not easy task to predict about any thing with out the help of astrology.but the west make this possible.had there been any Indian Parrot predicting as the great Octopus Paul predicted this would become a matter of jock.but the western media made octopus more popular than the world cup.

Astrology and predictions by Octopus Paul:-

Octopus did not read the horoscopes of the related teams but merely selected or chooses between few teams that which team ,ll win.but what about the predictions about other things.

So Octopus is not an astrologer but this merely see that which team is stronger India parrots are doing this since decades.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lalit modi - has to face troubles till march 2011

Suspended IPL chief Lalit Modi's head was already on the chopping block but the guillotine had yet to fall on the order of the 'powers' that be in the BCCI. But that happened on Saturday when a Special General Meeting (SGM) of the BCCI unanimously ratified all charges against him. The 30-member body also authorised BCCI president Shashank Manohar to initiate civil and criminal proceedings against the flamboyant 46-year-old.

The charges against Modi were put forward to a three-member disciplinary committee, which was reconstituted after Modi had objected to Manohar and secretary N Srinivasan's presence on the committee. The new three-member committee will have Union minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, partnered by DDCA president Arun Jaitley and interim IPL chief and Baroda Cricket Association president Chirayu Amin. They will have to file their reports by October 26, six months from the day the first showcause notice was issued to Modi.

Modi, who has been accused of financial bungling of more than 1,000 crores, now faces criminal proceedings. The Board president used words like "deliberation" and "debate" while addressing the media, but it seemed as if the press conference could have been held much before the meeting, so premeditated did everything seem.

Astrological interpretation of the problem:-

In my whole life i have seen very few stronger horoscopes like Lalit Modi.a very strong rajyogas are available in his chart.he is in trouble now a days but this is not the new thing for any one on the top.
The two important planet for makar lagna is mars and venus and in the horoscope of the Lalit the both planets are well placed in the twelfth house but in the axis of Rahu and Ketu which is the main cause of the trouble.this is the fact that he is running under Rahu Ketu axis of the sixth twelfth house.
When Lalit modi came under trouble he was running under the vimshottari dasha of Rahu-ketu-sun.Rahu is in the sixth house of struggle,confrontation,dispute.Ketu in the twelfth house of retirement,loosing the position though in a Rajyoga.Rahu is with mars in the dashamsa divisional chart.

Now see the pratyantar dasha which is important to be seen for knowing the exact type of the event.SUN is the pratyantar makar lagna Sun is always the eighth Sun is with the sixth lord mercury which is retrograde and navamsa Sun is debilitated and aspected by mars.

now see the current situation.he is under the sookshma dasha of jupiter under the pratyantardasha of Rahu. again jupiter not favourable for Makar i want to predict here about him with out much astrological explanations.

-till 19th august i don,t see any major problem to him regarding the IPL controversy.

-since 19th august till till 09th october 2010 (especially from 29th auguste till16th september) he has to face very tough time of his life - in transit mars and venus is in his eighth house of intrigues,conspiracy unexpectedness and suddenness.

About the birth details of Lalit Modi:-

I got the birth details of Lalit by one of his close associate who had asked me not to disclose to media that time.

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