Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chelsea Clinton,s marrige - not a long lasting relationship,as her Stars foretell

The daughter of former US president Bill clinton is going to be married today.she is much popular in India too because of her visit with the president clinton during the end of his tenure.

If i talk about the strength of the horoscope of Chelsea i will say this is more powerful chart.she is a confident woman.but if i discuss the marital life then sorry to say that her stars does not favour her much. her lagna lord is in the sixth house though exalted.and also vargotta.
-Venus is lagna lord and Saturn is darakarak here. Saturn aspects the venus.Venus is exalted,and vargottam,lagna lord very powerfull.
-moon – tenth lord in the tenth in case of predicting marriage of woman fourth house and tenth house also plays very important few conditional dashas fourth house and tenth house along with second house is important for plays important role in predicting the marriage.
-Seventh lord retrograde mars in a very bad situation,in Rahu ketu axis.with the lord of house of separation as Jupiter the lord of sixth house and sun the lord of eleventh house in fifth aspecting the eleventh house the house of separation.
In the country like US separation, adultery etc are the common issues.but chelsea,s fate is not as of Hillary Clinton because she could saved her marital life despite the adulterous husband Clinton.
Chelsea ,s marital life has not good future.a separation between her and her husband is seen in her horoscope.because the planets and planetary combination responsible for separation are also too strong here.this could not be avoided.

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