Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lalit modi - has to face troubles till march 2011

Suspended IPL chief Lalit Modi's head was already on the chopping block but the guillotine had yet to fall on the order of the 'powers' that be in the BCCI. But that happened on Saturday when a Special General Meeting (SGM) of the BCCI unanimously ratified all charges against him. The 30-member body also authorised BCCI president Shashank Manohar to initiate civil and criminal proceedings against the flamboyant 46-year-old.

The charges against Modi were put forward to a three-member disciplinary committee, which was reconstituted after Modi had objected to Manohar and secretary N Srinivasan's presence on the committee. The new three-member committee will have Union minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, partnered by DDCA president Arun Jaitley and interim IPL chief and Baroda Cricket Association president Chirayu Amin. They will have to file their reports by October 26, six months from the day the first showcause notice was issued to Modi.

Modi, who has been accused of financial bungling of more than 1,000 crores, now faces criminal proceedings. The Board president used words like "deliberation" and "debate" while addressing the media, but it seemed as if the press conference could have been held much before the meeting, so premeditated did everything seem.

Astrological interpretation of the problem:-

In my whole life i have seen very few stronger horoscopes like Lalit Modi.a very strong rajyogas are available in his chart.he is in trouble now a days but this is not the new thing for any one on the top.
The two important planet for makar lagna is mars and venus and in the horoscope of the Lalit the both planets are well placed in the twelfth house but in the axis of Rahu and Ketu which is the main cause of the trouble.this is the fact that he is running under Rahu Ketu axis of the sixth twelfth house.
When Lalit modi came under trouble he was running under the vimshottari dasha of Rahu-ketu-sun.Rahu is in the sixth house of struggle,confrontation,dispute.Ketu in the twelfth house of retirement,loosing the position though in a Rajyoga.Rahu is with mars in the dashamsa divisional chart.

Now see the pratyantar dasha which is important to be seen for knowing the exact type of the event.SUN is the pratyantar makar lagna Sun is always the eighth Sun is with the sixth lord mercury which is retrograde and navamsa Sun is debilitated and aspected by mars.

now see the current situation.he is under the sookshma dasha of jupiter under the pratyantardasha of Rahu. again jupiter not favourable for Makar i want to predict here about him with out much astrological explanations.

-till 19th august i don,t see any major problem to him regarding the IPL controversy.

-since 19th august till till 09th october 2010 (especially from 29th auguste till16th september) he has to face very tough time of his life - in transit mars and venus is in his eighth house of intrigues,conspiracy unexpectedness and suddenness.

About the birth details of Lalit Modi:-

I got the birth details of Lalit by one of his close associate who had asked me not to disclose to media that time.

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