Friday, July 23, 2010

Nitish Kumar - Stars in his favour during Bihar assembly elections 2010

Elections to the Bihar legislative assembly are scheduled for October-November and twice-elected Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's political opponents are trying to tarnish his reputation by highlighting the that the state government is neck-deep in a scandal involving evasion of taxes on liquor that has led to revenue losses worth Rs 500 crore. Now they have come up with another story about Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, s alleged involvement in an Rs.11, 412 crore scam. this is so called biggest-ever scam in Bihar revealed by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report that resulted the ordering of a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe by the Patna High Court,” Khan. “Nitish Kumar’s image received a major setback. He is now a chief minister with corruption charges.
Astrological analysis – He is right now running in Mars –ketu vimshottary dasha phase since 12th may 2010.if one concentrates on all the happenings then he will come to know that all the problems started from ketu antardasha.see what the classical texts say about ketu in the third house of ones horoscope. Here lord or depositor of ketu is Sun which is in Rahu Ketu axis also with Jupiter and Mercury in the ninth house of morality. This ketu some what affected the honest image of the great leader.
Current astrological analysis – As of now Nitish kumar is running in the dasha phase of MARS-KETU-RAHU.This may be called as the toughest time and pratyantar dasha for Nitish kumar.
Planets are in the favour of Nitish during elections –
When elections will be held in Bihar Nitish kumar will be running in the Venus antardasha in Mars vimshottary mahadasha.Nitish kumar has an exalted Venus in the lagna chart and in the dashamsa chart as well. Most importantly in both charts exalted Venus is in the tenth house. In the lagna chart Mars and Venus is combined. Venus is tenth lord here. I don’t know that what nitish kumar is going to get with these favourable planetary positions and dashas but he has a good time for being in power for a long time..Nitish kumar has long lasting rajyogas (a combination of good planetary positions).
I can not say that by which party or alliance he will be supported by NDA or UPA.planets indicate that he will be in power.

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