Tuesday, July 13, 2010

'Psychic octopus paul does not predicts but chooses the stronger among few teams in world cup

The predictions of Octopus Paul:-

'Psychic' Paul went straight to the German container
A "psychic" octopus is said by its aquarium owners to have predicted the country's football team will knock England out of the World Cup.
When consulted, Paul the octopus chose a mussel from a jar with the German flag on it ahead of one in a similar jar bearing the cross of St George.
The two-year-old cephalopod has a record of predicting past German results in this manner, his owners say.
Paul has so far correctly predicted all of Germany's results in South Africa.
His keepers say he correctly predicted nearly 70% of Germany's results during the 2008 European Championship.
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Paul's prediction was phenomenal
Tanja Munzig Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium
In that contest, Germany finished as runners-up in their qualifying group, having lost only once to Croatia.
They then progressed to the final, where they were beaten by Spain.
If keepers at the Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium are right, he correctly predicted the outcome of four of the six games in that competition.
National celebrity

The octopus, which was born in the UK and was moved to the German aquarium, has become a national celebrity after correctly predicting Germany would beat Australia in their opening match, then lose to Serbia, and then beat Ghana.
His latest prediction was flashed all over the German media.
The container that Paul opens first is said to be his pick for who will win the impending match, keepers say.
Germany finished the initial stage of the World Cup top of Group D, and face England, the runners-up from group C, in Bloemfontein on Sunday.

This is not easy task to predict about any thing with out the help of astrology.but the west make this possible.had there been any Indian Parrot predicting as the great Octopus Paul predicted this would become a matter of jock.but the western media made octopus more popular than the world cup.

Astrology and predictions by Octopus Paul:-

Octopus did not read the horoscopes of the related teams but merely selected or chooses between few teams that which team ,ll win.but what about the predictions about other things.

So Octopus is not an astrologer but this merely see that which team is stronger one.in India parrots are doing this since decades.

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